Britney’s Still With Us


Jesus, she goes off the radar for five minutes and people start panicking. I should be panicking, no Britney = no paycheck for J. Despite reports that Brit was in Belgium and maybe France, she was seen leaving her house yesterday and driving down a dead-end street. An apt metaphor for her life and typical Britney wackiness all in one!

However, Spears was spotted leaving her house at 5 p.m. on Wednesday in her black Mercedes CLK with her sons, Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden, 11 months, in the backseat.

Wearing her trademark white sunglasses, she headed to nearby Calabasas where she drove up a street which turned out to be a dead end. She then turned around, hopped back on the 101 freewa and arrived back home at 6:30 p.m. having never gotten out of the car.

Was she showing off the ride? Were the kids strapped down? She didn’t even hit a drive-through? I heard those In-N-Out burgers are wicked tasty. Can our one Californian reader ship me one of those? Britney automatically summons thoughts of fast food for me.