Britney’s Still With Us

August 23rd, 2007 // 18 Comments


Jesus, she goes off the radar for five minutes and people start panicking. I should be panicking, no Britney = no paycheck for J. Despite reports that Brit was in Belgium and maybe France, she was seen leaving her house yesterday and driving down a dead-end street. An apt metaphor for her life and typical Britney wackiness all in one!

However, Spears was spotted leaving her house at 5 p.m. on Wednesday in her black Mercedes CLK with her sons, Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden, 11 months, in the backseat.

Wearing her trademark white sunglasses, she headed to nearby Calabasas where she drove up a street which turned out to be a dead end. She then turned around, hopped back on the 101 freewa and arrived back home at 6:30 p.m. having never gotten out of the car.

Was she showing off the ride? Were the kids strapped down? She didn’t even hit a drive-through? I heard those In-N-Out burgers are wicked tasty. Can our one Californian reader ship me one of those? Britney automatically summons thoughts of fast food for me.

By J. Harvey

  1. stolidog

    duh, she was meeting her dealer, but, as you say, she was “spotted”.

    drug whore, but at least she didn’t leave the kids home alone again.

  2. Applespice

    I bet she was taking the boys for a drive to put them to sleep. I know lots of moms who do this…

    I’m very curious to see how this custody thing goes. I never thought I’d see the day when I thought the douchebag (federline) was a better parent…

    God help those kids- they’re going to be in LOADS of therapy and on an E! True Hollywood Story.

  3. memikeyounot

    In n’ Out burgers are in Las Vegas too, and are certainly better than McD’s or Burger King etc, whatever your choice is. The best thing is their fries. Not sure however that they would taste very good after shipment! :)

  4. T-Bone

    Leave her alone, for heaven’s sake. Go pick on someone your own size.

  5. revvie

    I’m in San Diego, J, and I’ll send you one. They’re ridonkulous…you’ll love ‘em. just give me an address and I’ll dry ice pack them. I did it for my brother when he went away to college :)

  6. Jax

    It takes a drive around the ‘hood to get those soda guzzling mopheads to sleep at night.

  7. monkeybottoms

    Holy crap! Britt went for a DRIVE in her CAR. OMFG. Quick! Alert the media! And child welfare!

    F-ing lame.

  8. me

    wow u people are completely ridiculous leave her and her children alone everyone talks how paps killed diana well youve already killed her and now your killing her kids leave britney alone please for the love of god let her be able to come out of her house for once without the stalkers chasing her this has got to be illegal somehow

  9. Michelle

    Hey memikeyounot, I live in Vegas too. :]

  10. what holyfield


  11. Ruby Jackson

    In-N-Out burgers rule! But their fries suck. They pride themselves on using ‘fresh, not frozen’ potatoes, and they make a big deal about slicing them in front of you, but the only way to get a truly crispy fry is to cook it twice, letting it cool in between. So, their fries are kinda limp.

  12. She probably just read that wacky Belgium thing on TMZ and wanted to get out & show people she was still kicking it here.

    Dunno about the dead end but I have a feeling not all that much is really going on in her daily life so she was probably just out driving around, looking around, and wound up taking a wrong turn by accident. Oddly, the GPS system in her car should have indicated the roadway’s abrupt terminus.. but then again she does have ADD and probably wasn’t paying due attention to its projections.


    P.S. You seem to know much about these french fried potatoes Ruby Jackson. What more can you teach us? lol

  13. Zekers

    Oh for f*uck’s sake Holyfield/Craptastic/Whoever, get a hobby…I mean a real one, not hanging on blogs harassing people. Go chase cars or something!

    I just hope Britney wasn’t on the grape while driving her little ones around…

  14. anti

    so every time this woman gets in her car the media goes crazy. this is just stupid, what is so exciting about her going for a drive in her car with her kids? people are so bored with their lives that they want to read this shit. write something more interesting.

  15. anti said: so every time this woman gets in her car the media goes crazy


    Because 98% of the time this drugged out whore does something stupid behind the wheel.

  16. T-Bone

    Thanks Zekers -

    Some people have nothing at all worth saying, so they resort to going after people they’ve never met on the web. Poor things…

  17. normita

    I agree w stolidog… she was def meetin her dealer

  18. Tough Luck

    In-N-Out is good, but oh so greasy.

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