Britney’s Shopping Her Story Around

April 30th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Britney’s ready to put her family on blast. She’s shopping her comeback interview around to several sources, including “Allure” and “Vanity Fair” . Remember when her and her Moms were like best pals and would go out midriffing together? Yeah, they’re cut off now. They better hope the little sister’s kiddie show keeps bringing in the bank or Lynne Spears is gonna have to go work down at the Dress Barn.

The Spears family feud may soon be coming to a magazine near you. Britney, who fired her manager and is fighting with her dad, is in talks with Allure to do a makeover shoot for its cover and give a tell-all interview. A rep for Allure said, “We would love to have Britney, but nothing is scheduled yet.” Editors at Vanity Fair are said to be vying for her story as well. A rep for Spears declined to comment. Expect a cover on her around November – when her new album is due to drop.

No interview can top the one where she looked like Cheetos hell and was all heavily made-up and bringing Tammy Faye to a new generation. The inteview that I like to call “Not Without My Stylist”. She needs to stick to the televisual so we get the full effect. But in her defense, her abs are looking great lately.


By J. Harvey

  1. genevieve83

    Yeah, that’s it, you frickin’ loon….alienate and turn on everyone in your life as you try to recover from insanity and drug addiction. Is anyone else out there taking bets on how long it is before she’s eating out of garbage cans?

    Why did she spend all that time going to AA meetings? Did she not listen? Or was she too busy snarfing the donuts and popping her gum? Brit, fruitloop, you so need to get off the crazy train and start thinking about your life.

    If she gives an interview, whether it be print or live, it’s just going to roast her. She’s incapable of being normal at this point. There’s a padded cell somewhere just waiting for her.

  2. Beautyqueenofpenn

    I just have to say, I wish Briney Spears would just go awaaaaaaaaay! What a waste of a Mercedes! This no-talent guttersnipe needs to take her ill-gotten money and shoooooooooooooove it-

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