Britney’s Shop-o-rama

She’s got two kids, a Yorkie, a bevy of wigs and a partridge in a pear tree. So, when Britney Spears wants to drop about five grand on some clothes and accessories, she has to do it quickly. On a recent shopping spree at the Lisa Kline boutique on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles, the Britster managed to spend $5,263 in less than an hour. It’s like she’s playing her own version of Supermarket Sweep. What did she spend it on, you might ask? Well, she got some clothing for the kiddies, a skull scarf for herself, some jewelry, a leather jacket, an entire line of Jack Daniels clothing, as well as some panties. Hopefully, she isn’t planning on hitting the beach in these underwear any time soon because they were some thongs. But at least it’s better than nothing. Not content to just shop, Britney also quizzed the clerks on what they thought of her appearance, according to TMZ.

Britney asked one employee, “Do you like my hair blond or brown?” They politely replied, “Blond.” And Brit said, “I know, blond is totally traditional Britney.”

I wish someone would have had the balls to say bald.