Britney’s Shooting A New Video

Britney and her latest weave are shooting a new video as we speak in L.A. It’s for her new single called “Get Back”. She might want to take her own advice. Chins are wagging that she’s going to stage her “comeback” by performing at the MTV VMA’s in Las Vegas in September. At the rate she’s going, she’s lucky if they let her work the hot dog stand outside. “Ya’ll want relish on that? Nah, it’s ok if you drop it, just kiss it up to God! Three minute rule!” News of this video shoot was on one of her dancer’s MySpace page toda.:

Today on her blog, the dancer wrote an entry entitled “BRITNEY SPEARS MUSIC VIDEO” which stated “SO…YES…TODAYS THE DAY!!! WERE SHOOTN MISS BRITS 1ST VIDEO OFF HER NEW ALBUM….ITS GOING TO BE HOTTTT!”

The dancer was one of four dancers for Britney during her House of Blues “M+M’s” mini tour.

She sounds bright. The tour that redefined pop music performance as we know it. Paps are reportedly swarming outside the building where this epic is being shot. Word is the craft service table on this shoot is featuring fried swiss rolls. Nummers!


Many more photos from Britney Spears’ video shoot are after the jump.