Britney’s Shooting A New Video

July 19th, 2007 // 18 Comments

Britney and her latest weave are shooting a new video as we speak in L.A. It’s for her new single called “Get Back”. She might want to take her own advice. Chins are wagging that she’s going to stage her “comeback” by performing at the MTV VMA’s in Las Vegas in September. At the rate she’s going, she’s lucky if they let her work the hot dog stand outside. “Ya’ll want relish on that? Nah, it’s ok if you drop it, just kiss it up to God! Three minute rule!” News of this video shoot was on one of her dancer’s MySpace page toda.:

Today on her blog, the dancer wrote an entry entitled “BRITNEY SPEARS MUSIC VIDEO” which stated “SO…YES…TODAYS THE DAY!!! WERE SHOOTN MISS BRITS 1ST VIDEO OFF HER NEW ALBUM….ITS GOING TO BE HOTTTT!”

The dancer was one of four dancers for Britney during her House of Blues “M+M’s” mini tour.

She sounds bright. The tour that redefined pop music performance as we know it. Paps are reportedly swarming outside the building where this epic is being shot. Word is the craft service table on this shoot is featuring fried swiss rolls. Nummers!


Many more photos from Britney Spears’ video shoot are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Tonysgirl

    Ummmmmm okay, please don’t, we can survive without the music or video.

  2. Bunny

    Morticia Addams called, she wants her pole-dancing outfit back.

    Seriously, when will this end? The girl is dangerously deluded.

  3. Chaz

    The MTV Video Music Awards aren’t as big a showcase as they would have been even a few years ago. Besides, anyone young enough to still be watching that crap is too young to remember when Britney was still a major force. She has camp value only at this point. It’s over.

  4. WTF

    Is this a funeral for a prostitute?

  5. Sandy

    Brit is like Tom Cruise – the older they get, the more “gamey” their faces and bods start to look. Such a small window of kinda cuteness.

  6. GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK!You do not know how the video will look when its finished.Im not saying that its deffinently going to be awsome but dont judge her from 10 pics you’ve seen from a 3 minute video..When the first single comes out i bet that you will all SHUT UP!!

  7. Am

    Yes, we will all have a moment of silence when Brit’s new video comes out. That would be the respectful thing to do when acknowledging something has died….namely Brit’s career.

  8. yaya

    “AM” That response was awsome, thank you for the laugh, I needed it. HEE HEE HEE!!

  9. lookwhaticando

    Britney is soooo far gone its sad. I for one think The Ex is in better position right now for fame than she is.. She blew it. And only has herself to blame

  10. lookwhaticando

    Am said:
    Yes, we will all have a moment of silence when Brit’s new video comes out. That would be the respectful thing to do when acknowledging something has died….namely Brit’s career.

    Posted on July 20, 2007 08:41 AM


    LOL, so true

  11. south-fl-steel

    can you photoshop a video?

  12. Ldysunfyre

    They’ll airbrush the living hell out of her and autotune her voice to where it won’t make dogs howl. Despite all of that, we’ll all more than likely hear the loud thud of her career dying.

  13. isaidit

    She is ready to headline the Thunderbird Inn on the Vegas strip. I always knew she was a closet lounge lizard

  14. Applespice

    Wow… it’s amazing how a hairdresser and a make-up artist can make her look so much better.

    That outfit’s gotta go though.

  15. princess

    but she was always dressed like that from the beginning. so she hasn’t changed that much.

  16. Clementines

    Read the lyrics?..

    Whoa.. Is it a parody? Um she’s kinda late for this song as the ‘ex’ will not want to ‘get back’ with her EVER!

  17. Stundevil

    To be semi-fair, I kind of dug the Lyrics to “piece of me”. I thought well maybe she could redeem herself from that Travesty video that we all know “Gimme More”, such a horrid song BTW. Honestly, I would rather eat my own brains that have to listen to that song. But enough about that mistake and let’s get onto britney’s new mistake. I just don’t understand this photo shoot. I am seriously hoping they get the close ups of her cellulite filled ass shots. I do not really look at Britney Spears as fat cow. But like dress in something that fits your size a little better. I would say the same for a skinnier lady, like Paris Hilton. You can wear clothing that is sexy and revealing, you just have to have some sense about WHAT FITS YOUR BODY SIZE. I bet Brit was high and/or Drunk during this video shoot, kinda like the 2007 VMA’s

  18. celebreader

    To be fair. As much as it would be easy to slam Britney, I can’t. You know I cannot help but look at her and think to myself. Wow, here is a girl who has lost everything. Her kids, her pride, her husband(although who cares), her family, friends, etc. I do not know if Britney reads these kind of comments. Britney or your publisher, or your staff consultants. Honestly, I am not a die hard fan of your music(that is just me though). I am not saying that as an insult to you. I think that you and only you know what your babies need in their lives. I mean who the hell are people to say otherwise. You have to be a genuine mother/person; otherwise, you would have given your babies up for adoption or aborted them. It is up to you to win them back. I am sure you will, and it will work out. consider the past few years a bad point in your life and move on from it. You are already on your way. people can say what they want, but “Gimme more” dominated the charts for a while there. I am not some bible thumper trying to praise you or some concerened parent. Just an average young person saying ” stay positive and enjoy your life and your babies”.

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