Britney’s Record Company Sticking With Her


Fox News reports that Jive Records likes their artists hagged out and puffy.

Britney Spears may look disheveled from too much partying, but rumors of her professional demise are premature. Sources inside Jive Records tell me that despite stories last week about the pop tart being dropped by her label, nothing is further from the truth.

“Britney is safe. She’s been recording since even before the blow up with Kevin Federline,” says my source. “She’s working with a lot of different producers. Jive is not dropping her.”

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Indeed, with the current crazy climate in the record biz, Jive wouldn’t be very smart if they let go of a known commodity.

“Let’s put it this way,” says an insider, “she’s just a hit away from being back. Why drop her now?”

When did Courtney come back? Her nose did.

I think this is a good move on Jive’s part. It’s true – all Ms. Spears needs is a hot track and a stylist/fitness-trainer supervised video and she’s back on top. People will even look fondly back on all her vajayjay flashing as her “wild phase”. But to have all this come to fruition, she needs to exit her Egg McMuffin with a side of Cool Ranch Doritos topped off with some varicose veins phase. Because she isn’t taking what I would call glamour shots lately.