Britney’s Post-Buzz Behavior

After taking a razor to her tresses this weekend, Britney Spears was seen wearing a wig to cover up her cue-ball last night. Reverting back to her trademark blonde, she wore a platinum bob to The Roxy in West Hollywood. According to TMZ:

When one curious photog asked about Brit’s old promise to “keep her brown hair,” Spears shot back, “I lied.”

Two sources have some theories on why Britney’s given herself her recent drastic makeover. Britney’s Aunt Wanda offered up an explanation to the New York Daily News for Britney’s strange weekend. She reports that Britney’s Aunt Sandra passed in late January, a victim of cancer, and that the death is probably the cause of Britney (oh, and this pun is TOTALLY intended. Consider yourself forewarned…) wigging out. Additionally, the New York Post suggested the following:

Three weeks ago, it says, she went to a salon in the Palms hotel and casino in Las Vegas. There, staffers found her hair was so badly damaged from repeated dyeings, bleachings and extensions that it had broken off and thinned to the point “where bald spots had begun to appear,” the site reported.

And it was implied that perhaps Britney simply wanted to start from scratch. If it were me, I would be sporting the green, yellow and white “Rasta man” hat with the attached dreads. But then again, when I have a nervous breakdown, I HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.