Britney’s Photoshoot Swag

Call the cops. Somewhere in L.A., there’s an unhinged pop star running through the streets carting a huge load of stolen merchandise. Check under her wig. The stolen and or damaged (by her new puppy) goods rings up at around 21 grand.

Spears allegedly fled the shoot wearing $12,861 worth of jewelry, a $974 Vera Wang dress, $380 Lanvin heels and a $281 Pucci scarf. When the clothes she ruined are added, the total comes to $21,267.

Contrary to previous reports, it’s now being reported that it wasn’t a Chanel dress used to housebreak her dog but a Zac Posen valued at $6,700. OK! is now reporting that one of the photographs is her fleeing the photoshoot without the 1 million she was asking for since she didn’t deliver. Damn. So this whole thing she arranged was just a big cry for help, I guess. Angelenos – check pawnshops near you for that swag. I want that scarf! I think it will go amazingly with my Mossimo $9.99 t-shirt from Tar-jhay! It will probably be next to the baby she pawned because she’s lost her mind. I don’t want the baby, though – just the scarf. Thanks.

One more photo from the shoot is after the jump.