Britney’s Parenting Skill…..Ugh, You Know The Drill

August 16th, 2007 // 50 Comments

Britney told her kids they were mistakes. She drinks in front of em and runs around naked in front of em. Those last two don’t seem that alien to me. I saw my parents naked when I was a kid. I mean, if she’s pole-dancing, that’s something else. As for drinking in front of em’, is that a bad thing? A parent who drinks ensures you get people like me! Full of sass and glowing with wonder at the beauty in the world. Those kids are doomed. Star had the scoop on some affidavits that K-Fed has been compiling from former employees of Snack Cake.

What those affidavits allegedly reveal about Britney and how she treats Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months — including ranting “You were both mistakes!” at the tots — are shocking and disturbing, the source adds. And they could prove to be the straw that shifts custody to Kevin!

The kids probably realized that without her telling them at this point. They’ve taken to pressing their faces against the windows and hoping someone buys them. Keep reading for the drinking and stripping portion of Britney’s program.

The Torrid Tale Continues After the Jump

“What’s even sadder are claims that Britney drinks heavily at night, which usually results in her passing out,” the close source adds. “The nanny also told Kevin and his attorney that she had ‘seen Ms. Spears take pills — they are in prescription bottles.’ But what kind of pills they are is unclear.”

And, the source reports, one of her bodyguards swears that Britney is drinking cocktails out of water bottles. “He says he’s seen Britney take prescription medication and drink. She has wandered through the house naked and in various states of undress, sometimes in front of the boys.” A second bodyguard has sworn in an affidavit that Britney “drinks at all hours of the day,” the source tells Star. “She does drink in front of the boys. She drinks everything she’s got in her bar at home — Patrón tequila, champagne, vodka, Baileys, rum, Scotch.”

What’s there to say that hasn’t already been said? I think I’m actually out of snark at this juncture. Can someone fill in for me?

By J. Harvey

  1. lookwhaticando

    This woman is screwed in the head beyond belief, She made her bed though, so now it’s time to lay in it Brit, I am sure Shar is laughing her azz off about now. Kevin is going to get the kids, and Brit will be broke in 2 years of less.

  2. T-Bone

    Brit Brit could probably use a dual diagnosis treatment program MI/CD. But something tells me that she threw out the “kids were a mistake” comment to hurt Kevin and not the kids.

    As for parents drinking in front of the kids — um, maybe I come from a totally dysfunctional community, but I don’t know of any parents who didn’t have a beer or two, or glass of wine in front of the kids. Not the best thing, of course, but certainly common.

  3. N

    What they are getting at is that she drinks heavily in front of her kids. It is okay to drink a glass of wine or a beer around children, but drunkeness is both irresponsible and dangerous.

  4. MM

    What’s next? Kevin’s tell all biography? It’s all about the Benjamins $$$. Prick.

  5. Tex

    Why does everyone see the negative in Brit? Is there any one out there that can take a pic and show her as a good parent, I’m sure there has to be one out there worth $$$$. As for K-Fed Prick is putting it mildly, Hopefully some judge will see through the $$$hungry so called good father..

  6. green cardigan

    A parent who drinks ensures you get people like me! Full of sass and glowing with wonder at the beauty in the world.
    Let’s raise a glass to JH’s parents for producing such a funny guy!

  7. T-Bone

    Well, since he stands to make millions of dollars by revealing every one of Britney’s indiscretions, I’m sure Kevin and his money hungry lawyers are going to pull out THE WORST case scenarios, dirty them up as much as possible and exploit them as every day occurrences. Get thee to rehab, Brit, so this a$$ doesn’t take your kids AND your money.

  8. Jen

    Maybe Angelina can swoop in and save those kids. Then Brit and Kevin can go away!!!!

  9. T-Bone

    And SHAR shouldn’t be laughing her a$$ of at anyone other than herself, lookwhaticando. First of all, she actually procreated with that lazy loser. Then she stood there like a fool while he DUMPED her and THEIR kids for Britney’s bank account. So why again should she be laughing? And why again are you supporting FED-X?

  10. Zekers

    I wonder how long she has been drinking heavily…I seem to remember that it was a possible concern when she was pregnant with the second child. I still don’t think she is doing street drugs though…

    I know it has been said before here at ASL but…karma is a bitch Kevin Hookaline! Glass houses and all…

  11. What Jen

    How to make a bad situation worse.

  12. green cardigan

    Please, the whole ‘KFed such a good father’ line makes me laugh. This is all about money. He’ll get the boys, get more money and hire a few nannies to do the grunt work. He’s no angel either, in the drinking, partying department.

    I agree that Brit is a disaster these days but I think she loves her children. She always carries them and she looks like a warm person. I’m sure she is affectionate and loving to them. If she is holding a glass of something strong while doing it, well, so be it. It’s not ideal, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be fucked up for life. At least the alcohol fumes won’t harm them, unlike the fumes of weed.

  13. Mike

    Sounds like she better get her @ss on Larry King just like Paris did to try to get a new image……………with so many bad reports out there about her, she better surface on TV..not a magazine to clear this mess up.

  14. LoRider

    Looks like she’s Craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! Or maybe she’s Toxic? Whatever mistakes she’s made, looks like she’ll do it again. Oops!

    Go K-Fed! Send that dizzy bitch back to La so she can get drunk as God meant her to – on moonshine from a jar while watching Springer in the single-wide.

    Ride Lo

  15. nancypants

    Well, at the risk of divulging too much, I’ll state that I am a retired, Air Force MSgt and the mom of 3 kids – 6, 17, and 26. I’ve “raised” a LOT of kids, mine and other people’s.

    Now, walking around nude or nearly nude in front of her BABIES isn’t going to “warp” them or anything but she needs to stop that pretty soon and she needs to spend time with them and change their damn diapers and make sure they eat well and – here’s a thought – maybe read, rock and sing them to sleep once in a while. Damn!

    Having drinks in front of them is no big deal either, HOWEVER, if she is getting sloppy, violent, falling-down drunk and beating their daddy (heard that today and I’m not sayin’ he didn’t have it comin’) and saying hateful things TO them and in front of them and neglecting them…that’s another thing and I suspect that’s what’s goin’ on.

    It’s all gonna come out and I don’t think ol’ Brit-Brit is gonna come out smellin’ like a rose or anything close to it – NOT that KFed is any better EXCEPT he has been layin’-low and acting SANE lately and she hasn’t.

  16. what nancy said

    When has Britney ever asked anyone to think she’s a saint? She’s never pretended to be one. She’s not asking to come out smelling like a rose. KFED is the only one asking to come out smelling like a rose.

  17. nancypants

    I sure as hell never said she was a saint and never said she should be and if you are capable of reading and interpreting what you read, (if not, seek pro. help), you’d see that I actually SUPPORTED her to some extent.
    Take your damn blinders off. The girl has serious issues that effect her, and her future, and her children and if she insists on being in the public eye – and she does – those issues are going to be displayed for all and WILL end-up causing her some serious shit. READ…don’t assume.

  18. lookwhaticando

    -Bone said:
    And SHAR shouldn’t be laughing her a$$ of at anyone other than herself, lookwhaticando. First of all, she actually procreated with that lazy loser. Then she stood there like a fool while he DUMPED her and THEIR kids for Britney’s bank account. So why again should she be laughing? And why again are you supporting FED-X?

    Posted on August 16, 2007 12:25 PM

    It’s not a matter of supporting K-Fraud, neither one of them should have the kids, I vote for Brit’s mother to have temporary control of the kids. Brit needs help, and I hope she gets it, I just dont feel sorry for her, she made a bad choise, not she has to live with it. The kids are whats important.

  19. MM

    Ok drill sargeant nancy with 3 kids. You know all.

  20. nancypants

    Again, I didn’t say that or infer it.
    READ what is written.

  21. lookwhaticando


  22. BabyGater

    Wow, so Shar is a terrible person now? She may have had kids with K-Fed, but so what? SHE takes care of HER kids, unlike Brit, and she never STOLE him from anyone, also unlike Brit. There are no excuses for Brit’s disgusting behavior, and for people to keep making excuses for her is just sad, and sick. She is utterly and completely screwed up, and those kids should go to K-Fed, because at least he is trying to do the right thing. AND he has plenty of people to help him take care of them, including Britney’s family. Britney has no one. And I guarantee he will not be drinking heavily in front of them, walking around naked, calling them “mistakes”, letting them sit in shiatty diapers, ignoring them to take care of a dog, dragging them out in front of the paps so he can get more attention…and all the millions of other things Brit does. There is no excuse for her terrible parenting, nor for her stealing K-Fed from Shar. She is a disgusting person with an entitlement problem, she thinks that because she is Britney freaking Spears that she can do whatever she wants, with no consequences, and you morons who defend her are just helping prove her right, and you are CONDONING this appalling behavior. You should be ashamed. Those children have NO CHANCE IN HELL of turning out OK with Brit as a mother…at least with K-Fed, they *might* have a chance at being something other than career criminals, or meth addicts. I mean, just LOOK at them! They are obviously retarded, and the younger one has GOT to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and all because Britney couldn’t control her boozing. She should not have those children, and for anyone to make excuses for her is just sick, and sad. This dumb biatch made her bed, now she should have to live with it, just like anyone else.

  23. What babygater

    Thanks for joining the thread Shar. Welcome.

  24. T-Bone

    Hey babygater, if you’re going to comment on what other people write, at the very least make sure you read the posts. lookwhaticando mused that Shar must be “laughing her azz off” at the fact that Kevin will get the kids and that Britney will go broke. THAT is why I commented that Shar shouldn’t really be laughing at anyone, since K-Fake basically ditched her and their own kids for Britney’s bank account. The guy is a thug and he has zero regard for women in general, so NO ONE here should be supporting him. Britney has issues, no one is denying this, but K-F##K should in no way be looked at as a prize here. As for the “Britney stole Shar’s man” theory. Ummmm…apparently SHAR never had a man, because K-FART didn’t blink an eye at leaving his girlfriend and his kids behind. NICE GUY!

  25. nancypants

    Well HATER, I don’t know who you think you are fooling by using various (a big word; look it up) “names” but you are obviously ignorant and uneducated. I PITY you.
    OVER AND OUT. MSGT “Nancy”

  26. On NancyPants Side

    Trashbag in the news every day…….watch Divorce Court every Day on Channel 9 in nyc……….this is pure neglect…………Mommies who come home to sleep it off, change and go out messy, appearing in pics in pools with naked women fondling them are not good for a childs well being………….wake up all you posters about public eye , paparrazzi etc……..she is a mother and there is no excuse for this….and the OK magazine pics don’t help this week with the nude woman/lover issue…………….enuf said…………..Hi Nancypants

  27. peachpie

    i agree with rosie.

  28. cameron

    Drinking mommies are happy mommies!! Seriously, my “Three martini playdate” with some other moms is the highlight of my week- notice I said “week” not “24-7″

  29. stolidog

    Not to be too saintly, but, don’t get in too big of a wad over these two and their babies…they’ve got enough money to figure it out….think about the REAL trailer trash mom with two kids, no income, and no chance in life. That’s actually sad.

    That said, team Lynne all the way.

  30. sigh

    Wow you people are really pathetic. Why not be compassionate about something worth being compassionate about? This woman is a complete waste of space and doesn’t deserve anyone’s defense. She’s supposed to be raising 2 human beings and she’s treating them like garbage. She sucks, she actually always has, now we have proof. Surprise!

  31. T-Bone

    Seems the only thing anyone on this site can agree on is that Jodie Foster is great (with the exception of someone named Jane). Anyways, you’re right stolidog — these two have enough money and hired hands to figure it all out. I’m rooting for Brit to go to rehab and pull it all together (or at least pull it together somewhat), and for Kevin to get only the money he needs to take care of THE KIDS when they’re with him.

  32. lookwhaticando

    lookwhaticando said:

    Posted on August 16, 2007 02:23

    This is not me,However, I do have an idea who it may be posting on my username,

  33. T-Bone

    So what are you saying, Sigh, that someone can’t be on this site commenting and still be compassionate towards and passionate about other issues in the world? If so, then what does that say about you?

  34. Zekers

    Oh Dear Lord! Not this again…

  35. Zekers

    …I meant that in response to post #32…

  36. T-Bone

    Ah, not me lookwhaticando, if that’s what you’re insinuating. Not that you don’t deserve it for all of the times you’ve used my username and others, but it actually was not me.

  37. Zekers

    I was thinking the same T-Bone…which reminds me; did you hear that Vick might get suspended from the team for a year? Did you also hear that (I believe it was) his cousin, who is in prison made all kinds of accusations about Vick being involved with terrorist activity?

  38. Zekers

    Geez T-Bone, I must be in slow-motion today or something…anyway I was agreeing with your response to “Sigh” he/she sounds bitter…

  39. T-Bone

    Yes Zekers! I’ve been watching the Vick thing closely. And I did hear he’s thinking about plea bargaining for lesser jail time, which is a nice way of saying he’s guilty, has no case, and his buddies are about to turn on him. But the NFL should not allow him to play again ever, or there are going to be MAJOR repercussions, especially if he’s now being linked to terror activities.

  40. Zekers

    Yeah, I’ll join you in that happy dance if they make this guy pay for the rest of his life.

    Have a good weekend!

  41. T-Bone

    Kinda curious though, lookwhaticando — didn’t it suck to have someone misrepresent you, steal your identity and say something that you wouldn’t have otherwise said??? Let that be a lesson to ya!

    And thank you to the person who did it — you’re my hero for the day;) (not that I condone the use of other usernames in general, but this time it was well deserved).

  42. Used to Love Her

    Ugh! I don’t see how ANYONE is defending Brit anymore. I mean take away your pre-conceived notions about KFED. HE IS THEIR FATHER. He should get custody. Brit is doing ALL that was mentioned above and the most DISGUSTING thing to me is that ever since this started SHE HASN’T EVEN TRIED TO STOP PARTYING. It’s like – LOOK BITCH your going to lose YOUR KIDS if you don’t stay home and lie low but she just keeps partying and going out so THAT tells me she don’t really even want those babies. Come on. Honestly. Who does that? ASK YOURSELF IF YOU WOULD DO THAT?? So fucking what if their father smokes weed when he parties or even every day – Who gives a fuck. SHITNEY asked HIM to marry her why is everybody NOT remembering that. SHE KNEW DAMN WELL he wasn’t going to TURN DOWN BRITNEY SPEARS. WOULD YOU?? Yeah – that’s what I thought. SHE ASKED HIM TO MARRY HER!! He tried to rap because A. It was his dream and who doesn’t want to go after their dreams if given a chance??? Brit supported him remember?? B. He wanted to earn MONEY and NOT have the KFED is taking Brit for her money shit. HE TRIED. He does work people. He gets PAID when he goes the club. $3000K For 4 hours. Can you do that? Exactly.
    HE HAS HER FAMILY on his side. AND her father said she is a SICK little girl. That tells me she is mentally unstable. IF ANDREA YATES had this much attention on her MAYBE that shit wouldn’t have gone down like that.

    AND as for MONEY – KEVIN could have filed for FULL CUSTODY RIGHT AFTER THE UMBRELLA INCIDENT. She only WENT to rehab because he said if she didn’t he was going to file for full custody. If she completed rehab he would not but he was going to monitor her. WHICH IS WHY she was trying NOT to drink when she got out. But of course she lost it because she is an alchy. She is soo bad that last night they got her drinking TONS of Vodka and Champagne and I promise you the BITCH looked and walked a straight line. I can’t believe after that muc alcohol intake she just UGH gross she is addicted bad. I think she is on COKE. Too many stories of her in and out the bathroom. PLUS that’s WHY she stops at GAS STATIONS and MINI MARTS to use the restroom. SINGLE LOCKING DOORS. Fast food places usually have more than one stall. SEE? She stopped 4 times on a 2 hour trip to Vegas. I mean come on.

    I think the BEST thing for the children now would be FULL custody to Kevin – Her mom and dad are over there all the time anyway – AND supervised visits for Brit WITH the condition that if she completes rehab and MENTAL HEALTH and is clean for x amount of months that she gets some percentage back. I think KEVIN would give her custody if she cleaned up. I mean he did it before. The judge would have thrown those kids at him when she was ALL CRACKED OUT shaving her head and shit and IN REHAB. Yeah. He could of but he didn’t and that speaks volumes.

  43. stolidog

    Used to Love her has a lot to say.

    too bad it was way to long to read.

  44. Amy Cahill

    Yes. I do have something to say. If any normal parent had done 1/10th of what Britney has allegedly done, Social Service would have come long ago and taken those kids away. It’s because she’s Britney F**king Spears that K-Fed has to build a federal case with subpoenas just to win custody. Stop bitching about how the guy wants money and he’s a loser. He’s clearly NOT doing this for money; he’s doing this for HIS kids. If you think he’s worse than Britney, show me the tons of articles detailing HIS bad behavior. His ex’s family is on HIS side, and THAT should speak volumes.

    This is celebrity star treatment at its WORST.

  45. Leigh

    Spears is trash. She lives like trash, displays herself like trash, and acts like trash. White-trash with money, – the role-model of the low-life wannabees. I can care less if she “gets better” or not. It stopped being about her a long time ago, it’s ONLY about the children. Who’s her family siding with? )And, they actually DO know her best) Says a LOT, doesn’t it!

  46. cummi bear

    amy and leigh, that’s the clincher, isn’t it?

    that HER family, who presumably knows her best, is siding with Kfed? I think that says it all.

    her family WANTS to help her, but she cuts anyone who wants to help out of her life. If you’re not enabling, you’re cut off.

  47. Persistent Cat

    The media can twist anything and make it look ridiculous. She’s not out every night but pictures comes out every now and then so it seems frequent. Maybe she’s good, maybe she’s bad, who knows.

    The inside source sounds fake. Not a lot of people use the word “cocktails” and usually, you use it when you drink them out of the appropriate glass or you consider it an event. But if someone is drinking a gin and tonic from a water bottle, it stops becoming a cocktail and is just secret, shameful drinking.

  48. Ming

    Ms. Spears is a out of control trashy slut, that needs to have her children taken away from her ASAP. Kevin is the better person and parent and he WILL get the children.

  49. gail

    Used to love her-WORD!

  50. BadParents

    Oh geat, from one bad parent to another bad parent. These kids were doomed from the start.

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