Britney’s Pain

It’s the case of the disappearing and reappearing poem. Who could Britney Spears be addressing in this poem? Surely it couldn’t be her treasure of a husband, Kevin Federline? The press, maybe? I’m going with Kevin.

“No more chains/ That you gave me/ Enough of pain/ Manipulation is the key,” read the poem in part. “They screw it in/ Because you’re naïve/You come to me now/ Why do you bother?/ Remember the Bible/ The sins of the father/ What you do/ You pass down/ No wonder why/ I lost my crown/ You don’t see me now/ You ask yourself why my crown is back/ And it’s way too high/ For you to be in my presence/ Especially my son/ You should bow down/ I’ve only just begun.”

(Orignal photos removed at the request of the owner.)

See and read the entire poem after the jump.

Is Britney putting marital woes into verse? [The Scoop]