Britney’s Pain

May 25th, 2006 // 26 Comments

It’s the case of the disappearing and reappearing poem. Who could Britney Spears be addressing in this poem? Surely it couldn’t be her treasure of a husband, Kevin Federline? The press, maybe? I’m going with Kevin.

“No more chains/ That you gave me/ Enough of pain/ Manipulation is the key,” read the poem in part. “They screw it in/ Because you’re naïve/You come to me now/ Why do you bother?/ Remember the Bible/ The sins of the father/ What you do/ You pass down/ No wonder why/ I lost my crown/ You don’t see me now/ You ask yourself why my crown is back/ And it’s way too high/ For you to be in my presence/ Especially my son/ You should bow down/ I’ve only just begun.”

(Orignal photos removed at the request of the owner.)

See and read the entire poem after the jump.

Is Britney putting marital woes into verse? [The Scoop]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kim

    Um, what’s with the welt on her leg? And dammit, woman, wear a bra! B.R.A. Bra.They sell them at Walmart in boxes (in the underwear department). You can probably get one for as little as $4.99.

  2. chris

    she looks like a pregnant hooker, straight out of the trailer park lol

  3. jess

    AUGH. it freaking denies all of my comments for “questionable content” its either my url or my email doing i think cuz all i said was

    “im in love with those christian louboutin shoes shes wearing”

  4. JJ

    Hmmm…interesting…she is with the nanny but the neither has the kid with them…interesting!

  5. JJ

    And if she isn’t doing Kabbalah anymore, then why is she still wearing the stupid red string?

  6. Fiz

    I mean CMON already!!! Is she really just trying to be trash?? I know she always looks like she shops at the bargain bin at Bobs Warehouse….but people this is BEYOND! The welt, The smudged “F*ck Me Red” lipstick, The stringy extensions, the ugly ass Pajama shirt? She really looks like shes on a movie set playing a pregnant hooker and the Razzi got her in bw takes. Is she giving birth to Eminem?

  7. maryanne29

    I don’t think Britney is going to be named Poet Laureate any time sooon.

    She’s becoming Anna Nicole Smith right before I eyes.

  8. Steven

    Britney is such a Sagitarian! I love it. I am too. That man nanny is cute. I wonder how he got the job.

  9. anti

    Is there ever a picture with her, KFed and their baby? i don’t think so

  10. Suz

    I really am beginning to feel very sorry for her. She must feel very hopeless. In a marriage with a loser that actually DISRESPECTS her, pregnant again though unable to even cope with one child, not very um, worldly or blessed with common sense but even she knows she is imploding and her life is a downward spiral. I actually think she may believe she looks good and this is her attempt at ‘cleaning up’. Bad choices but better than the black bra, white top that she was wearing when she almost dropped her child.

  11. netty

    Is this girl serious? Why the heck is she wearing platforms like that and stressing out her back and BABY! Great poem hope it is for Kevin and she leaves his ass already!

  12. dee dee

    I agree with Suz. Let’s hope she kicks KF’s scuzzball ass to the curb ASAP

  13. ninjagirl

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  14. chichigirl

    What is up with wearing the platforms while pregnant. She about dropped SP when she turned her ankle in the other shoes, so is she now hoping she might trip and do a job to the one she’s carrying? Love the shoes, but there’s a time and a place for them!

  15. las

    What an appallingly bad poem. She uses a basic nursery-rhyming method that barely scans, there’s no cohesion, solid message, or any words that aren’t a cliche. “Something sweet, so delight?” Where did she get that crap from?

    And she criticized F-Ked’s raps? This is just as bad, and calling it a “pome” doesn’t make it more impressive.

    “It’s good to be” you Britney? That must be why people are so jealous of your DOA career, your parenting style, and your sperminator husband. You can say it, Britney, but you cannot make us believe it.

    And if this is true:
    “The sins of the father/ What you do/ You pass down”

    then poor SPF. He’s gonna have a lot of his parents’ sins to deal with! (Then again, Britney keeps endangering the kid — he IS suffering the sins of the MOTHER)

  16. Steven

    There is nothing wrong with britney wearing those shoes while pregnant. they can actually be very comfortable.

  17. mimi

    So, she is telling everyone, fans including to go fuck off, but at the same time has a promo at the bottom to buy her perfume….uh-huh…yeah, TOTALLY respecting THAT

  18. Gossip Guru

    Ms. Britney is starting to lose her damn mind!!

  19. conifer

    That’s a nice receding hairline there, Britney.

  20. Down To Earth

    My mom always said “IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL”. I am sure all you perfect people have never looked bad when you have been pregnant (you probably dont even have children). Just don’t judge a book by its cover. You guys do not even know this girl or anything real about her life. Give the girl a break. Be Nice!

  21. las


    When I want your mom’s advice, I’ll ask for it. I think I speak for everyone else on this…

    “I am sure all you perfect people have never looked bad when you have been pregnant (you probably dont even have children). Just don’t judge a book by its cover.”

    Let me get this straight. You tell us not to judge a book by its cover, then you judge other posters WITHOUT ANY INFORMATION? Why does Britney get the free ride from you? Oh wait, she’s famous.

    I have to go drink some water. I have a giant lump of your hypocrisy stuck in my poor throat.

    “You guys do not even know this girl or anything real about her life. Give the girl a break. Be Nice!”

    Oh great, I’m choking on more of your hypocrisy. Be nice? Give her a break? She just posted a sneering, poorly-written poem dissing all her fans, along with a finger flip. That is something real I know!

    Why should we be nice to someone who is nasty to everyone else?

  22. las

    I accidentally posted before I meant to, so I’ll add: DowntoEarth, why should we be nice to someone who sneers that we’re not worthy enough to be in her presence, and that of her brain-damaged child, and that we should bow down before her?

  23. beans

    she totally hates her father

  24. Elise

    No wonder she dosnt write her own songs… geez.

  25. Small Fry

    APPLAUSE for las. You tell her girl or guy!

    I am a mother and have been pregnany and can honestly say that I have NEVER EVER left the house looking as bad as Britney. You’re famous…. hire someone to dress you, do your hair and apply your makeup!

    I’m so over this pop star has been. She has no one to blame but herself for the mess she has made of her life.

  26. Chris

    Must of these comments seem to come from typically insecure tos**rs that get great pleasure in bring other people down to their level in order for them to feel better. In her defense, as she is a Sagittarius’s, unless you are one you can never understand the natural depth of insight and ability to analysis and understand the human condition, she can probably see extremely clearly that she is not special and sees you and quite rightly, as sad pricks for going along with the hype and with an unequivocal inability to think for your selves. Get a life.

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