Britney’s Moving Back To Louisiana

June 29th, 2006 // 22 Comments

At least that’s the latest rumor. Things are so much more simple there, maybe the family can find the happiness that it once had as shown in these pictures. There’s a photo after the jump of Britney with Sean that is really adorable – that smile on his face.

“She wants to come home,” says Kentwood mayor Harold Smith. “She’s building more rooms for her growing family. She wants a nursery and some kids’ rooms.”

In a story set for publication this week, the magazine claims that even husband Kevin Federline supports the move, which may help solve some of their marriage problems. Britney Spears has learned just how hard caring for a baby can be, the report reads.

A pal says, “She loves Malibu but feels she’ll end up divorced if she stays there — at least for now.”

“I’m just Britney at home,” the pop star has said. “I don’t get any special treatment. That’s actually good for me.”

More photos of Britney and family, after the jump.

Report: Britney Spears to Leave Malibu, Return Home to Louisiana [National Ledger]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. J

    she looks so much better without those extensions in her hair…

  2. Miriam Webster

    “Maybe the family kind find the happiness”? Would it kill you to proofread the absolute drivel you are writing?

  3. katie O'Sullivan

    I guess they’re leaking out all their private “family” moments for damage control. So transparent.

  4. Cameron

    Yeah right, like moving to Louisiana is going to keep her from getting divorced.

  5. doofus

    Cameron, I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

    While I think her moving “back home” would be one of the SMARTEST moves she made in a LONG time, it won’t solve her marriage problems.

    The only thing that WILL is getting rid of him.

    He’ll get SO freakin’ bored living in a place (and I mean NO offense to those Louisiana folks among us) that’s no where NEAR as exciting as Los Angeles. I’m sure she lives in a very nice place and all, but it ain’t LA. He barely spends anytime at home as it is, she thinks moving to a place that’s LESS exciting and “happening” will make him stay home MORE?

    just dump that mooching, manipulative loser and get back to your old self.

  6. doofus

    to add, I just read the entire article on the nat’l ledger site…

    “This time around, she wants more help – so she’s planning to move back home to Kentwood, La., to be closer to her mom, Lynne.”

    Britney wants Lynne to help with the kids, but Kevin’s wary. “He likes Lynne but doesn’t like her getting involved in their relationship,” an insider tells the magazine..”

    be closer to her mom so she can have mom’s help…sounds like another smart move. And what a surprise that Kevin doesn’t want Mom getting involved. Could he possibly be afraid that Mom might talk some sense to her little girl and Kev will get the boot?

  7. dd

    i don’t really like her but it’ll be good for her.her baby is so cute.good luck with that husband brit!

  8. abby

    it’s about time you posted some pics of a happy family….i’m sure they have their moments, but we only see the bad ones!

  9. dd

    i don’t really like her but it’ll be good for her.her baby is so cute.good luck with that husband brit!

  10. Tom

    Sorry, Britney, but wherever you move, you are still the same you and K-Fed is still the same K-Fed.

  11. countrybabe

    I guess Mel Gibson is glad. He can stay put now.

  12. Stoney

    She still has extensions. She’s bald without them. And while these pictures are cute, it’s pretty obvious they were leaked for damage control.

  13. Small Fry

    “She’s building more rooms for her growing family. She wants a nursery and some kids’ rooms.”

    So does this mean she’s upgrading from a single to a double wide?

  14. KittyLiterati

    I’m not saying Britney doesn’t have happy moments like these, but I’m having a hard time buying these photos.

    It just seems like her people artfully crafted, documented and solicited so-called private, happy moments with SPF and Kevin to counteract the Walking Fiasco’s PR nightmare and save face amidst rumors of a deteriorating marriage.

    I feel bad for Sean Preston. When he’s older and looks back at these “photos,” will he know that he was a glorified shield against the media’s smear campaign?

  15. Cheesy

    Sniffle, sniffle–Brit must be so upset! The media just won’t leave her alone!!!!

    Damage control. As if that’s going to help.

    Once again, step outside and take a whiff–there’s still the stench of desperation in the air!

  16. Think Again

    Good move alright, but for who? What about Kevin’s OTHER children? Are they now going to be without their father who has moved thousands of miles away?

    Sorry Britney, but the kids’ welfare–ALL OF THEM–should come before you.

    Britney, once again, is only thinking about herself.

  17. Finn

    Let’s face it, K-Fag’s other kids are history. If he sees them more than once or twice a year I’d be surprised, no matter where he lives. The man should be shot.
    They will get divorced, it’s all a matter of time.

  18. anti

    All of a sudden we are seeing pictures of k-=fed and family, for the last year it was basically only her

  19. Rumor

    If true, Britney Spears really should think deeply about her decision to move to Louisiana, because Federline’s other children are extremely important. Their little lives can be permanently scarred because of her self-centeredness. I remember seeing pictures of Britney and Kevin with his other children before Britney gave birth. They all seemed happy together, so what happened? Was it an act?

    The children share a father and if possible, should be raised to have a relationship with each other. The bonds of closeness are formed now, when they are little.

    I have seen women do what Britney is doing time and again. Once “they” have kids, they want to protect “their own” unit. The other children get pushed into the background. It ought to be illegal.

    Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith was faced with this situation when she married Will Smith, but she did not succumb to a selfish desire. She stepped up to the plate in a huge, admirable way. She insisted on putting Will’s son first.

    Federline may not be the “best” father, but he can still play an active role in his other children’s lives, especially since he was already present in their lives. They need him more than once or twice a year.

    If Federline goes along with Britney and forgets about his other kids, he’s a worse human being than I thought. Abandoning your chldren is unforgivable in my eyes.

  20. Gravity

    And after that last picture I bet little Sean P. fell off the bed…

  21. jo

    First all you loosers leave brit alone, i hope everything goes well for her and yes i agree i think it will help her marriage loads if they get away from ppl bitching about them all the time.
    Second Brit, babies and Kevin are one family, the other kids from his other relationship are his past. Sorry but thats how it goes so dont say shes selfish for getting him to move away, im sure hes not being dragged there against his will. As husband and wife they have decided together. As for his other kids,so long as he financialy looks after his obligations from there on its up to their mom for moral and phsycological support. I have a kid so i know what im talking about. So in short give it up already, everyone is always trying to find something about her to bitch at and there are so many ‘bad’ celebrities out there who need bitching about. Oh and for all you out there who think i am some kind of fan of hers then hahaha no im not, just know the difference between right and wrong thats all.

  22. doofus

    “the other kids from his other relationship are his past”?

    are you KIDDING ME? They are still his flesh and blood, and although he doesn’t (by law) have to offer them anything more than financial support, he is MORALLY obligated to offer them emotional support as well. If he doesn’t, and effectively abandons them if he moves, he’s even MORE of a scumbag than I thought. basically, you’re saying it’s OK for a man to father children and then move on and not have anything to do with them when he finds another women to impregnate.

    and why, praytell, should we “leave brit alone”? isn’t SHE the one posing NAKED on the cover of a major magazine? SHE WANTS THE PUBLICITY. She just wants it on her own terms. sorry brit, you can’t have it both ways. you court the media/press when it suits you, and then cry about them hounding you when it doesn’t suit you.

    sorry jo, just because you have a kid does NOT mean you know what you’re talking about.

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