Britney’s Mom And K-Fed In Dastardly Soap Opera-Type Cahoots

Sources are saying that Britney’s Mom Lynne and her ex-scrub K-Fed are teaming up to steal the kids! Ok, that’s not exactly it. A friend of Brit’s has said that Britney fears that they will. Britney better be more scared of showing off her ass over the seat of a car like that. That was not something I needed to see while I enjoyed my coffee cake muffin yesterday morning. No one wants to dry heave over their monitor like that. God, remember when all your friends that were into chicks thought she was the hottest piece ever?

So says a report this morning in Life & Style (via MSNBC), which claims that Brit has cut off all ties with her mom, that the Spears family actually “loves Kevin,” and that Lynne only sees her grandchildren with K-Fed alongside. One “pal” says, “Brit’s paranoid that her mom and Kevin are working to take the kids away from her.”

A conflicting report in US Weekly says that Lynne Spears has nothing for love for her wayward daughter and is in her corner. I think the only thing we can agree on here is that Britney’s ass is gross.


More photos of Britney Spears at the nail salon (once again showing that she has class – she forgot to take the price tag off of her shirt, and yes – she shows her panties again) after the jump.

The panty shot is below.