Britney’s Lollipops Give Her “Energy”

September 7th, 2007 // 8 Comments

*snicker* *chortle* *smirk* Ok. Here’s Britney wearing a shirt for a dress again. That’s kinda gross. Put some pants on. Or don’t sit on the furniture. This isn’t a sleepover. As for that lollipop that’s always firmly ensconced in her piehole, that’s part of a “special diet” she’s on. A diet of drugs!

Britney Spears has discovered a new lollipop diet that suppresses her appetite and gives her more energy at the same time. The singer has been spotted sharing Hoodia pops with Las Vegas illusionist Criss Angel as they work on the pop star’s big live comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Insiders claim Spears ordered a batch of the lollipops after discovering they really did work.

What? Coke lollipops! The only “hoodia” about this deal is where she bought them!


More of Britney Spears looking like a delicate flower after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    Her hair !!!!!!! All that money and she looks like she grabbed the floor mop, stuck it on her head and let Jayden James style it.

    Ready to go y’all! Git in the car. Sean, start up the engine.

  2. Hey Cupcake

    Three things could fix this: Proactiv, PANTS, and a bonfire to burn those bloody boots.

  3. Lori

    I think we can all safely assume that the “alleged” Hoodie lolipops DO NOT work. She’s been sucking on them for week and doesn’t look like she’s lost a pound. I can’t wait to see her at the VMAs in her yarn wig and some tackyass outfit that highlights her jelly belly and thunder thighs.

  4. peachpie

    that’s an asthma inhaler she’s carrying. what’s up with that? as i recall, she’s a smoker. and an asthmatic? and her nails. *shiver* need i say more? the dress/boot issues go without saying. and why does that tagalong allie have exactly the same purse? freebies i suppose. at least it’s not that silly gold one she carried everywhere for a while. g’luck at the awards show, britbrit – you’ll need it honey.

  5. not a fan

    You just know she will be wearing those ripped fishnets and toxic boots onstage, look out people in the first row—the smell could kill ya. Why is it that she always looks dirty, like if you stood downwind of her she would smell really gross. She always looks greasy and stinky! I’m afraid this girl’s career is over and her performance at the VMA’s will seal it for her. All the magic Criss Angel can concoct won’t save her now. Sorry honey.

  6. erica

    They do work if you take them right! I know, I am a distributor and user of the power-pops. If you would like to purchase some please call me at 480.228.9517 or email me at or online at

  7. annoyed

    This is stupid. I can’t believe you are making fun of her for eating candy! WHat next? ARe you going to tease her for drinking water? The people who posted this are some serious idiots.

  8. John187

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