Britney’s Head On Someone Else’s Body

Once again, another story has surfaced about Britney paying the price for leaving a gig/photoshoot/interview/pediatrician’s appointment too early because she was bored or “Hannah Montana” was on. She has a new fragrance coming out called “Believe”. She’s allegedly going to be on the bottle, but that’s just her head. The body belongs to another chick. Didn’t Oprah do this once? And Andy Roddick?

Spears walked out of a shoot for the perfume’s ads before decent shots were taken. But that hasn’t stopped Elizabeth Arden’s marketing campaign for the scent.

“She looked amazing, but she left the shoot three times in a state of distress before driving away for good,” our source said. “They had decent shots of her face, but not her body, so the art director made the stylist – a cute girl name Kylie Cavaco – get in Britney’s clothes and pose.

“They are superimposing Britney’s head on Kylie’s body. Kylie has the body Brit used to have, not the one she has now.”

Kylie Cavaco. Remember that name. Because it’s the alias that Alli SImms is using! It’s part of her master plan to supplant Britney and take over! Take over a kingdom of Fudge Rounds and Red Bull cans made into makeshift ashtrays! And wear a lot of chokers.