Britney’s Getting Rid of Her Mansion


Weighing her down as much as the hair on her head was, is Britney Spears’ multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion because she’s now looking to rid herself of that as well. The home that she purchased only two months ago, is now up for sale again. It turns out that her son, Sean Preston, was happier in their Malibu home and may be the reason for Britney’s possible relocation back to that abode, according to OK! Magazine.

With the loss of her hair, Britney is enjoying (or suffering through) some newfound anonymity. The New York Daily News reports that Brit’s new look kept the wait staff at The Roxy Sunday night from recognizing her, and she was subsequently left to her own devices in the booth where she sat by herself. Earlier that day, she met up with her dad for a heart-to-heart at a Cajun restaurant in Encino, CA.

“Britney and her dad ate in a private VIP section,” says a restaurant staffer. “She was wearing a blond wig and a black hat. She was in such an intense conversation with her dad that no one wanted to bother her.”

Seriously. Girlfriend needs to MOVE OUT OF LOS ANGELES. I’m only saying this as a concerned human being, because the person inside me who is craving a comeback album has realized that it’s way too late. Time to cut your losses, sweetie–not just your hair.

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