Britney’s Getting Rid of Her Mansion

February 20th, 2007 // 22 Comments


Weighing her down as much as the hair on her head was, is Britney Spears’ multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion because she’s now looking to rid herself of that as well. The home that she purchased only two months ago, is now up for sale again. It turns out that her son, Sean Preston, was happier in their Malibu home and may be the reason for Britney’s possible relocation back to that abode, according to OK! Magazine.

With the loss of her hair, Britney is enjoying (or suffering through) some newfound anonymity. The New York Daily News reports that Brit’s new look kept the wait staff at The Roxy Sunday night from recognizing her, and she was subsequently left to her own devices in the booth where she sat by herself. Earlier that day, she met up with her dad for a heart-to-heart at a Cajun restaurant in Encino, CA.

“Britney and her dad ate in a private VIP section,” says a restaurant staffer. “She was wearing a blond wig and a black hat. She was in such an intense conversation with her dad that no one wanted to bother her.”

Seriously. Girlfriend needs to MOVE OUT OF LOS ANGELES. I’m only saying this as a concerned human being, because the person inside me who is craving a comeback album has realized that it’s way too late. Time to cut your losses, sweetie–not just your hair.

More of Britney in a wig after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Tris

    Hey Ass-wipes -
    Leave Britney alone. We were all f-ups in our teens and early 20′s! Fortunately for us, our mistakes were not posted world-wide for everyone to see.

    “Those in glass houses…”

  2. cameron

    She looks like Sophia from the Golden Girls in that wig!

  3. gail

    I think it is better to mess up if one had no children. I see many single moms, not famous, low-paying jobs, no bodyguards, not rich, and they still aren’t having the public meltdowns that this one is.

  4. oops

    I think she actually looks great in these pics… her figure is finally coming back.. its just the hair that’s a problem, I too is hoping for a britney come back album


    Oh Tris…..

    Unlike Brit, majority of us didn’t run around puking on everyone, flashing our cash n’prizes, stealin baby dadies, or shavin our heads in a meth rage.

    This whore is getting what she deserves.

  6. Tris

    That’s the point, Gail. They aren’t “rich, famous” or constantly under public scrutiny, so they really don’t know what she’s going through. And neither do you

  7. gail

    It’s also always wise to keep a house your 2 year old preferred. Their taste so much better.

    True, having money and fame is a burden, poor child. I’m sure poor single moms all over agree.

  8. Hey Gail…
    I wouldn’t question the house thing…

    the 2 yr old probably has better taste.

  9. gail

    Egrots, that is good. Just read the girl’s in rehab in LA, which right, I’d so much rather be in rehab in LA than Antigua. Not.

  10. Tris

    Yes, she’s wealthy. Yes, she lives in Hollywood. But you truly have no idea who she is or how she ended up there. Chances are good that none of us had a stage mother who pushed us into things when we were children, and forced us into a world of superficialty and pressure. Only those who experienced this can truly speak about it.

    You know, I find these websites interesting… I see nothing wrong with reading about other people’s lives, but getting excited about their tragic experiences is really sad. No one “deserves” a mental breakdown or medical problems.

  11. Uh, Tris…

    Isn’t calling everyone Ass-Wipes and attacking everyone getting a wee bit “excited” ?

    Hypocrite much?

  12. Tris

    “Hypocrite much?”

    Hey STFU, defending someone and laughing at someone’s tragic misfortune are two completely different things, so forgive me, but I don’t see the hypocrisy there.

  13. Awww! She is selling one of her mulit-million dollar mansions? Say it ain’t so!

    The only news i care to hear about this thing ever again is that she closed herself inside her garage with the car running. “Bye Bye Y’all!”

  14. MJK

    Good God!

    Why oh why, is there ALWAYS some whiney wanna-be martyr waiting in the shadows to pontificate on how horrible people are to pick on those poor rich spoiled celebrities???

    Don’t like it?


    (ps. she does sort of look like a golden girl here)

  15. Tris

    If you’re all sort of kidding about wanting her dead and thinking that she deserves bad things to happen to her, whatever… I can accept that.

    If you actually mean it, get some mental health help.

  16. Hasn’t this chick been committed to the nut house yet? what does she have to do? dress up like charley chaplin, break-in to a walgreens, pour flour over her head and video-tape herself singing “I’m A Little Tea-Pot”???

  17. Tonysgirl

    Tris— you need to calm down before you need to check into re-hab yourself.

    And there are plenty of single moms and dads who go through bad times in their lives, but do not pull the crap that Britney has, because they know they have to be responsible for their children who depend upon them.

    And big deal she has to sell her mansion –cry me a river.Maybe all this will make her see reality, but I really doubt that will happen.

    K-FED sure does have a case against Britney for gaining custody of their children though, and I thought K-FED would be the one pulling this crap.

  18. As much as Britney is a public figure and, therefore, open to ridicule, criticism, condescension and/or judgment from every- and anyone who wishes to kick her while she’s down, the thing is despite the money, the fame and her looks, she obviously has some serious problems. She’s not the sharpest pencil in the box, she doesn’t have the greatest taste or judgment and with her financial independence she’s been allowed to run free with no limitation on her acting out and the resultant mistakes.

    I’m not a fan of hers, but as a human being I really just feel badly for her; there’s a difference between taking shots at Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or any of the other twinkies out there; but Britney obviously has some serious problems to overcome and as human beings, and rather than attack her or celebrate the fact that someone wealthy, famous and seemingly with the world by the tail fell so hard, so quickly, all I can say is that I feel badly that she’s screwed herself as badly as she has. We can make fun of her, call her names or celebrate her downward spiral, or we can just hope that she gets herself back on track and be glad no one we know personally (and/or care about) had/has those same problems.

  19. I don’t believe it.
    Britney is very pretty girl.

  20. Fourgaia

    I’m pretty convinced that Britney is suffering from post-partum depression. It was hellacious for me when I went through it. Her marriage failed shortly after the birth of her second son. To go through post-partum while trying to end a relationship? OY! My good thoughts are with you, Brit.

  21. Anzu

    Wow1 Giving up her mansion outta stress!? Unbeveliable!

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