Britney’s Crew Checks in with The Media

Sam Lutfi gave old Babara Walters a ring on the phone to keep Babs up-to-date on what was going down with the young Ms. Spears. You can be pretty sure when she was interviewing Castro and the like back in the day, she never anticipated that she’d be talking on the phone with some schmuck-head like Sam Lutfi about the “Oops I Did It Again” girl.

On a recent episode of The View, Barbara described Sam as Britney’s “very good friend” and said that he revealed that the pop star was getting treatment for her “mental issues.” According to Barbara, “She, I assume, is starting some kind of treatment,” as Sam said that she had been to a psychiatrist.

Additionally, Britney’s cousin, Alli, chatted with People magazine about Britney’s state at the moment in regards to her custody case with Kevin Federline. Although Sims says, “I’m not saying that everything is fine,” at the moment, she has hope that Britney will be able to straighten out her life in the future, saying, “She’s hanging in there. I’m not worried. She’ll get back. She’ll be fine.”

And Alli still has no love for Britney’s new pal, Adnan Ghalib, saying of the opportunistic paparazzo, “I only know him from him following us around for eight months. I don’t personally know him. But I don’t like that vibe.”

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Photos: WENN