Britney’s Celebrity Friends Wish Her Well

February 28th, 2007 // 9 Comments

All the stars who currently AREN’T in rehab are making an effort to let Britney know that she’s loved and shit . Where were YOU people when she was out gallavanting with Paris? Couldn’t you have stepped in then? The damage is already done! Her kids think she’s the homeless woman who barges into their house every now and then to beg for cigarettes and Red Bull and use the toilet.

Justin Timberlake and Pink are among the stars who have secretly been reaching out to show their support to Britney Spears as the pop singer battles substance abuse in rehab. Friends claim Timberlake left a personal message for his ex-girlfriend after calling the Promises treatment centre in Malibu, California last week. A pal tells America’s Life + Style magazine, “He wished her the best and told her to get healthy and come back as the Britney he knew.” And Timberlake has asked Spears’ mother Lynn to keep him updated with the singer’s progress. Pink and Mary J. Blige have also called Promises to leave messages for Spears, who, under the centre’s rules, isn’t allowed to receive phonecalls during her stay.

That’s nice. If Justin really cared about her, he’d lend her his stylist. Mary J., too. I don’t know about Pink’s, unless Britney wants to look like Pat Benatar’s whimsical butch lesbian sister. With that haircut, she’s got the butch part down. She should be driving a UPS truck, or piercing nipples for a living with that wiffle.

(Image source: US Magazine)

By J. Harvey

  1. lexi

    i live in france, and don’t know what “wiffle” means… can anyone define it please? thanks =)

  2. Cynical British girl

    oh dear! Sounds like ‘reaching out to Britney’ is the new hip celeb-PR-stuntish thing to do.

  3. Jennyo

    i looked it up–i didn’t know what it meant either–
    A very short haircut usually for males in which the hair resembles the bristle surface of a brush. Synonym for crewcut.

  4. Britney has honestly become one of the most unattractive celebrities…overnight.

  5. missy

    P!nk is soooooooooo nice. luv that girl!

  6. i feel sooooo damn bad for her lil boys. She needs to grow the hell up and become a mother…I mean she’s doin a lil too much and tryna get attention….but for what? She has two boys at home waiting while shes’ out shaving her head and gettin tat`sz and wat not. She’s rotten away SLOWLY and she aint gon recognize it until everything’s gone!

  7. cecil

    Guyz please have pitty on britney.. she’s not like that bfor untill she n kevin got divorced. U know how hard it is to be separated with the onle you love. She’s been married for so many times and i believed with kevin she really gave her life if it is a mistake coz he gave birth for two handsome babies…Hope she’ll get thru of her problems…for her son’s sake and her career sake..Please pray for her and let’s support her..She’s still young…Have pitty on her..

  8. shani

    justin is SO in love with britney

  9. David

    I think Britney looks SUPER HOT with a shaved head
    its very Sinead.

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