Britney’s Boobs Are 100 Proof

October 28th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Photos: Flynet Onilne

This mess seems suspect, but she’s real crazy so what the hell. Kevin Federline’s “girlfriend”, Nicole Narain, is talking about why Kevin Federline so desperately wants the kids away from Snack Cake. Ms. Narain claims, among other things, that Britney Spears was breast-feeding the kids while downing vodka. I wish my Mom had done that. People need to learn how to hold the liquor young! Here’s a handy checklist of what Narain has witnessed:

* CAUGHT Britney breast-feeding son Jayden, one, while DRUNK on vodka.
* FEARS her wild and erratic behaviour has “damaged” Jayden and two-year-old Sean.
* WARNED her to stop leaving the kids alone by the pool and driving them in the car without seatbelts.
* REALISED Britney is BISEXUAL after she made a pass at Nicole in a loo.

KFed allegedly told Nicole, “I’d see her walking around the house guzzling vodka and Coke and looking very tipsy. Then a few moments later, I saw her pick up Jayden and start breast-feeding him. That sent me up the wall. I yelled at her, ‘If you really wanna drink then make sure the baby gets bottled milk, not yours.’ I was terrified she was poisoning my son. But she wouldn’t listen. She never would. She treated me like one of her employees who bowed to her every whim.”

Well, you kinda were, Golddigger. Weren’t you a backup dancer or something? Know your role! Nicole also claims Britney tried to pick her ass up in “toilets at Beverly Hills restaurant Mr. Chow”. Some of this drama taking place in toilets is not a shocker.

Check out photos of Sean Preston and Jayden James out with the nanny after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. MsTriste

    I doubt she breastfed until her kid was a year old, if she even breastfed at all.

  2. Logan

    Yeah, she did not display any evidence at all that she breastfed any of her kids.

  3. ;o

    Give those kids to that nanny.

  4. Ellen Degenerate

    K-Fed is now seeing Nicole Narain? OMG, Britney must be having a fit about that.

    Britney is not a true mother. A true mother loves and protects her children with or without a man. It now seems like Britney had kids to trap Kevin.

    It’s hard to believe Brit ever breastfed her sons. If so, she would have surely whipped out a nipple for the photogs.

  5. Kelly

    I don’t think rubbing your boobs in your kids face because your drunk thinking you’re coming onto some stranger counts as breastfeeding.

  6. ROGUE



  7. Nonna

    Bullshit! I wouldn’t believe anything K-Fed has to say about Britney. Put it this way, Where would he be now had he not gotten her pregnant? He was a peon taking advantage of our girl and messing up her head after she fell hard in love with him ick.

  8. peachpie

    wow… harsh, kelly.

    things are not improving for britney. i’m starting to agree with whoever said disappear, get in shape, dry out, detox, come back, and wow ‘em. she’s needs to take her face out of the daily media. pronto.

  9. She is that colin fareell porn tape girl.

    Kevin did not even want to get Britney pregnant she just wanted kids and to be married while doing so. I find it suspicious he is with one type of black girl before and after her something tells me he went against his type for money.

  10. Chaz

    To build on what Sasha said, I question whether Nicole Narain is hanging out with K-Fed in order to get more raw material for her next sex tape. What else can the attraction be?

    I’m also among those who doubts the part about Britney breastfeeding. The stuff we know is true about her is bad enough, so the tabs keep upping the ante by going after ever more outrageous (and dubious) claims.

  11. Zekers

    …well said Chaz.

  12. BJ

    Two things:

    1. This subject is perhaps the funniest I’ve seen in recent memory.
    2. I’m speculative of what “Kevin” has been saying — does he know how to correctly use the word “whim” in a sentence?

  13. TS

    Hmm, KFed after Colin Farrell? That’s kind of a come down for Nicole Narain.

    Britney is starting to look human again. Maybe she’s finally getting over being pointlessly cheap.

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