Britney’s Back B%*$£…Back In The Studio!

Pop princess Britney Spears is back in the studio! After a two year recording hiatus, Brit is back recording material for her follow up album to Circus. She was spotted flashing her toned and tanned legs as she left the recording studio in Los Angeles on the 17 September, 2010 and popped into the local ice cream shop. After some more recording she headed to burger joint, Johnny Rockets – how does Ms Spears do it? How does she fit all that junk into that tiny body? I mean, honestly, if there is a diet where you can eat as much junk food as you like and stay slim and trim – I WANT TO KNOW. I’ll give you five bucks and a coffee-stained copy of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire. Deal? Deal!

Brit has been quite shy with the media as of late and I gotta tell ya – it’s going down a treat. I love Britney as a rule anyway, but this new found coyness is making her even more endearing if that’s possible. Not sure of it’s the influence of former manager/present boyfriend Jason Trawick or just that Britney’s growing up – but it’s all good!