Britney’s OK! Family Portrait, Spears Family Slams Dr. Phil

January 9th, 2008 // 16 Comments

It’s a veritable Spears family reunion on the cover of OK! magazine, with Britney beaming while flanked by sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, along with sister Jamie Lynn featured in her own private corner of the mag for her teenage pregnancy. The family picture was taken in Britney’s backyard a month ago and although the boys look cute, I can’t help but wonder why exactly they’re dressed like the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish from his 90s heyday. According to fashion photographer Dani Brubaker, Britney was gushing over her children during the shoot and after, “I’m told that when she saw the photographs she cried for over an hour and stared at them all night long.”

Well, a less-welcome invasion in Britney’s personal life has been Dr. Phil McGraw. The talk show host maintains that Britney’s family asked him to intervene, but the Spears family is denying these claims. According to Lynne Spears’ rep, McGraw’s actions at Cedars-Sinai hospital were “self-serving” and “He was not invited to make this a public display.” To his credit, I have a feeling the Spears family doesn’t really know what they want.

Meanwhile, it’s also been revealed that Britney had a restraining order placed on her for the duration of her standoff Thursday night at her home. Lasting five business days, the “emergency protective order” was placed on the pop star in the hopes of neutralizing the situation.

Well, I’m pretty sure this smile is going to haunt my dreams tonight. Thanks, OK!.

Photos: WENN

10 more photos of Britney Spears arriving at the Peninsula Hotel are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Erika

    The boys also look photoshopped to hell and barely recognizable. Leave it to OK! to have CGI celebrities on every damn cover.

  2. Hey Cupcake

    The lefthand child looks like a CPR dummy. THAT is going to haunt my dreams.

  3. Logan

    The part on the OK! cover that says “Last Photos” is really creepy – reminds me of Anna Nicole, like it’s a premonition or something. Scary.

  4. What an odd twist in this persons story… Dr. Phil now?

  5. nastybugger

    I, too, barely recognized her kids. I know kids can change a lot from day to day at that age, but these two don’t look anything like the candids I’ve seen. They looked VERY photoshopped.

    and yeah, that “last photos” is a little morbid.

  6. Tabitha

    First off, yes the photo looks photoshopped, and the title is very morbid and strange. Second, wether or not “Dr. Phil” was asked to talk to her or took it upon his self to do so, I for one am glad to see SOMEONE trying to help her. I feel bad for her, abecause she is obviously mentally ill and is in SERIOUS need of help.

  7. BK

    I’m no great fan of Dr. Phil’s, but why would I believe anything the Spears family said?

  8. ceejay

    If you read the quote literally, it implies that McGraw was not asked to make his visit “public” –which from my p.o.v. means that L. Spears might have sought his help but expected some discretion on his part. Clearly, the family gave him too much credit.

  9. Interloper

    Oh please, like Dr. Phil could care less about Britney. He sees dollar signs and ratings and more exposure for his huge, swollen head.

    Someone needs to quietly assess her and get her whatever help she needs, not some megalomaniac who just wants to put her on TV like a freak show exhibit to get ratings.

    Photoshopped or not those are pretty nice photos of her and her kids. She actually looks happy.

  10. Alysha Middleton

    Photoshopped or not, can you say (slooowly) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

  11. To see her in a better shape

  12. Charlotte

    Typical Spears family response – it’s everybodys fault but theirs.

    We’re being played by a bunch of attention junkies – ad nauseum.

  13. jbonz

    “She cried at them for over an hour and stared at them all night long”.
    No shit. Britney lives and dies by the camera. These heavily doctored photos show a perfect, happy little family of precious little Buster Brown tykes and their healthy, bright-eyed, successful mommy – everything Britney & Co are not. Ms Spears must use these photos to reassure herself that after all everything is just dandy on planet Britney, and her critics (and family, and lawyers, and ex-husband, and former managers, and record company executives, and police) are just hatin’ on her ’cause she’s so much prettier and happier than they are.

  14. The family isn’t denying the fact that they invited Dr. Phil to see Britney, they just didn’t want him blabbing about it. The media circus is always around Britney, didn’t they think someone would ask him about the visit? I quess they were expecting him to say “no comment”.

  15. Prick Up Your Ears

    Looks like Twatney grabbed the wrong kids from day-care.

  16. ash

    i love britney,shes so strong, f*** u haters u r lame.

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