Britney Wants Federline Name And Baby


The “Letter of Truth” hasn’t surfaced as of yet, but Britney speaks.

“I probably will, Britney Federline, I like that,” Spears, 22, told Germany’s Bunte magazine. “Society probably won’t allow me but I would like to change it.”

Britney Federline just rolls right off the tounge, doesn’t it?

“There are a few things I want to take care of this year before I have my baby,” she said.

Like that problem acne.

“I’d love to have a baby already. But I’ve got to take care of some things first … I want to become a mother. I’m crazy about children … next year, when I’m 23 I’ll be ready.”

Britney, I’m sending you my recipie for Cheetos mash. The future little one will love it!