Understanding Britney’s Wacky Behavior

February 23rd, 2007 // 1 Comment


On The Early Show this morning, the executive director of the Wonderland Center (where La Lohan sometimes likes to chill) Dr. Howard Samuels offered up an explanation for Britney’s erratic checking in and out of rehab.

“Then they’re hit with intense feelings — intense emotions of shame, guilt, the things that they’ve done,” he said. “And they either deal with those feelings, or they run. And I think that that’s what’s happening in this case; is that she’s running.”

Basically, what the good doctor is saying is that Brit’s probably walking into the center, still intoxicated. But once she’s had some time to sober up, the whole thing is a little too real to deal with. And it’s these first hours that she hasn’t been able to weather just yet that are the most crucial.

“The most important issue is the first 72 hours,” he said. “That’s where it’s most important. Because it’s in that time frame where the person’s either going to stay and make a commitment and deal with their emotions and the shame and guilt that they’ve gone through, or they’re going to run.”

OK, I can accept that. It’s coming from a credible source and sounds logical. But I’ve yet to hear a good excuse for the way she’s been dressing for the past two and a half years.

More photos of Britney Spears wearing her pretty wig and hat, inside and outside of her lawyers office, after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone like to know what is wrong with the Hollywood media?
    They don’t reconize celebrities as human beings, only as photographical prey to prey upon and what’s really sick, is that they seem to act like that they have no consience when they start hounding any celebrity who could either be having a bad day or going through a messy divorce or just wants some privacy.
    They’re so quick to forget that celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us. Like us, they have to right to laugh, they have the right to cry, they have the right to get mad, they should be free to be human.
    But oh no.
    Just because they’ve made millions either by record or by film, they are suddenly expected to be perfect, but the honest truth is, they’re not. They can make mistakes and have problems just like the rest of the world, and I sometimes wonder what goes through the mind of any photographer when he’s photographing someone like Britany Spears who is need of love, help and support and a lot of privacy, not to be hunted down like a wounded animal in the jungles of hollywood!!
    Britany if you’re reading this, I’d like you to know that I’ll be praying for you and if I can make a suggestion, it would make you feel better to get counceling and maybe go to a nice place with your kids where you and they won’t hounded by the media spotlight, a place where you can rejuvenate from all the hollywood bullshit that is being thrown at you, because believe me, you really don’t need it right now.
    The sanctity of your mind, body, and soul, and also your children is lot more important than what the media thinks and wants for you, and I think everyone is making too much of you shaving your head.
    I say to that ” So what?? ”
    People shave their heads everyday so they shouldn’t fuss about you doing it, either.
    Let the peace be with you.

    Signing off.

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