Britney To Pass Out From All The Tryptophan On Hannah Montana’s Couch?

Miley Cyrus better get a new wig, answer the door in a foreign accent and pretend that Britney Spears has the wrong house on Turkey Day! Miley Cyrus’ Dad Billy Ray reportedly invited Britney to Thanksgiving Dinner at their house and Britney seems to have accepted! Pass the dark meat, Britney’s hongray! That report appeared in In Touch Weekly.

Earlier this week, In Touch reported that Billy Ray Cyrus invited Britz to dinner with the Cyrus family, saying, “We love her. We would love to be there for you and we care about you.” He also stated that Miley is “a big fan” of Brit’s and “wants to reach out” to her.

Jesus, nothing spoils green bean casserole more than an intervention from a tween star. I remember the time I was over at Lizzie McGuire’s house for Christmas ham and bitch wanted to talk about my drinking. Screw you, I said as I tucked into the au gratin potatoes! You don’t know me! And you better shut it too, Even Steven! Britney was out at Petco yesterday, picking up something new to neglect, and reportedly confirmed that she accepted the invitation. “Y’all don’t have instant mashies? What the hell?”

Photos: WENN