Britney Subpoena Hunt Results In Monster Truck Rally


Sunday Sunday Sunday! Was Bigfoot there? It is getting HEATED in the streets. K-Fed’s Israeli commando subpoena server was attempting to serve some mysterious associate of Britney’s. This didn’t go well, as the two guys got into a demolition derby with their vehicles. Pedestrians aren’t safe when a weedy scrub wants his kids taken away from his ex-redneck.

Last night, at 6:09 PM, LAPD officers responded to a street in Venice, Calif. Aaron Cohen, a former counter-terror commando in the Israeli army — attempted to serve a subpoena in the custody case. Cohen, who works for K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, spotted Sam Osama lufti, who may have some association with Spears, but we don’t know exactly what.

TMZ has learned, according to the police report, lufti recognized Cohen and then gunned his Silver Mercedes SL, smashing into Cohen’s Buick. We’re told lufti then reportedly smashed into a Range Rover.

LAPD is said to be investigating and lufti may be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. That weapon being his hoopty. Osama is not a good name to have when you’re being wanted. Let’s face it, it’s probably Brit’s ex-hairdresser who obviously abandoned her a long long time ago.

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