Britney Spears Works On Her New Album

As much as her manager want to allude us, all evidence says that Britney Spears is really back in the studio for another album. Yes!

The pop star met with her father Jamie, manager Adam Leber and A&R representative Teresa
Whites. Teresa was the one who did the A&R for
both Blackout & Circus albums and she is said to specifically have flown to L.A. just for this meeting.

Seen here August 10th with her dad, Britney is sporting some Target brand chunky wedges and some cut off jeans true to her style. As trashy as I’ve seen her lately, Britney doesn’t look too bad in these photos. You can’t deny that she has a killer bod for sure.

The singer was recently rumored to make an appearance on Glee during the Britney Spears themed episode next spring, but sadly it isn’t going to happen. I’m sure the Gleeks would have gleeked in their pants over that one!