Britney Spears Works It

Be it a procedure called LipoDissolve or some damn good metabolism Britney’s getting back in shape. She’s looking much healthier than she has in months, and the trips to the dance studios seem to be doing wonders for her legs.

What’s the secret to her seemingly sudden slim-down? “She’s working out, eating right and enjoying life,” says the singer’s rep.

The mother of two – sons Sean Preston, 19 months, and Jayden James, 7 months – has also been sweating off the pounds with frequent trips to North Hollywood’s Millennium Dance Complex.

“She’s got an amazing metabolism,” owner Robert Baker tells PEOPLE. “When she puts her mind to it, she can transform pretty easily.”

So will this healthy new outlook finally get Britney back in the zone? “I hear she’s taking care of herself,” says longtime pal Lance Bass. “She’s definitely getting her life back in order.”

Keep it up Brit. Also, please stay away from the dating pool for a while.