Britney Spears Will Finally Be A Woman In Control

Britney Spears wasn’t a girl, wasn’t a woman, got married, had some babies, went a little crazy, and then got less crazy when daddy took over her life. Well, looks like daddy Jamie Spears is ready to let her go by hopefully ending the conservatorship.

TMZ has learned that Jamie will be asking the court to review the conservatorship to see if the judge sees fit to give Britney control of her life back. Jamie thinks that Britney is ready and hoping to make in official in November when her Circus Tour ends.

After more than a year of conservatorship, Britney seems ready to go out on her own. TMZ even says that the judge may have ended it sooner, but venues for her tour were promised conservatorship in their contracts.

I’m so proud of Britney. It was incredibly upsetting watching her go from cute little Brit, to “let me shave my head” crazy Britney. That split from Kevin Federline must have done something right. He’s now busy trying to be a reality star, again. Good thing Britney seems to be there for the kids.

Gallery Info: Britney Spears performing at the Ice Palace in Russia as part of her Circus Tour.