Britney Spears’ Website Gets A Makeover

With Britney in rehab and focusing on bettering herself as a person, Internet elves are busy at work to update her site, so that it’s ready for the Britney 2.0, that we hope will rise like a phoenix from the ashes that are her current personal problems. This old-school Britney pic from the days when she graced many a dorm room wall via poster, was the image that could be seen yesterday morning, for those visitors who happened upon her website. And at the moment (which I say because her page seems to be changing as quickly as often as she’s popping in and out of rehab), visitors to the site will be treated to some heavy breathing as a tiger’s face morphs into that of Britney’s.

And I’m finding myself oddly aroused, even though I know that all of this foreplay is not necessarily proof of an imminent comeback.