Britney Spears Wants To Ignore Someone Else’s Baby

December 29th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Inspired by Maddona’s adoption of her Malawi son, David, Britney Spears is looking to add a tsunami orphan to her passel of younguns. Starpulse News Blog reports:

The singer – who recently filed for divorce from Kevin Federline – fell for a four-year-old boy called Wang, from Bali, who lost his entire family in the 2004 Indian Ocean tragedy, after reading about his plight.

A source said: “She instantly wanted to help him and is sponsoring him until she can find out more. And she has even written to officials seeking advice. The tsunami disaster was a tragedy very close to Britney’s heart and she has dedicated a lot of her time to its charities.”

Britney – who has two children with her estranged husband, Sean Preston, 15-months-old and three-month-old Jayden James – has even consulted celebrity pal Madonna, who recently adopted a Malawi boy.

So it sounds like Britney’s looking to add an orphan to the group of children she’ll be leaving at home when she goes out to party. At least the kid will be used to it.

Britney Spears To Adopt? [Starpulse News Blog]

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. concietta

    Easily the funniest post I’ve ever read! Britney knows how to read? She’s been dedicating a lot of her time to helping others? She thinks she’d be approved for an adoption? Oh man, keep ‘em coming!

  2. HelenSparkles

    She wouldn’t be allowed, at least we do see Madge with her children sometimes, Britney abandons hers to her parents.

  3. jbonz

    Well, at least the little bugger is used to being hit in the face with foaming, frothing waves of salty fluids filled with bits of dead fish – a must for the Spears household.

  4. qerina

    Not gonna happen, even if it is true. Aside from…everything, Indonesia has really strict adoption policies. Non-Muslims can’t adopt even if the child is a non-Muslim. Also you can’t take your adopted kid out of Indonesia. While living in Indonesia I had a friend who volunteered at an orphanage and literally fell in love with a kid and there was absolutly nothing she could do to be able to adopt…

  5. Tonysgirl

    Okay, like she really needs to adopt a child at this point in her life. She is way to irresponsible to be adding another child to the 2 she already has that are already neglected as it is by Britney.

    If K-FED gets custody of their children it will only serve her right for her behavior. Both parents are not a good example for any child.

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