Britney Spears Used To Do Homework, Y’all

Estimated to sell for between $500 – $700 at Christie’s is a page from a book report written by Britney Spears. From Christie’s:

A page taken from Britney Spears’ junior high school notebook containing her handwritten review of Rex Warner’s translation of Sophocles’ story Antigone, written in black ballpoint pen on either side of the page, Britney’s review annotated by her teacher with corrections to her spelling and comments including …Nice cover Organized Watch your spelling… and Write more neatly and her grade: 88; and a corresponding piece of yellow card decorated with the book’s title Antigone in black felt pen…

Either the teacher wasn’t very good at catching all of Brit-Brit’s grammar and spelling errors, or she was just too tired to care, cause there are plenty left unmarked. Let’s just hope her pre-nup with K-Fed leaves less to interpretation.

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ENTERTAINMENT MEMORABILIA | Britney Spears [Christie’s]

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(Splash News Online)