Britney Spears Unites With Kevin Federline For Her Kids’ Preschool Graduation

Britney Spears and her ex K-Fed got together to celebrate the first milestone in their sons’ life yesterday. Grandparents Jamie and Lynne Spears also attended the San Fernando Valley school as well as Britney’s latest beau Jason Trawick, according to People.

Photographed here going to lunch at Denny’s in
Pasadena, California on June 25th, Britney is looking happy and healthy with her new guy. After the 2004 marriage and then 2006 divorce to Kevin Federline, followed by a complete mental breakdown, its good to see that Britney is getting it together. I suppose its good when the least of your problems is a sexual harassment scandal instead of a nasty divorce like a few years ago.

Her father is still conservator of her affairs for the time being. Which is good, because I still can’t trust Britney any further than I can throw her, with the hot mess get up she is usually in. Her plaid ensemble with the orange sundress and the gawd awful coral necklace don’t make sense to me. I feel like she might turn on us and shave her head at any given moment. But the girl has got some kick ass legs.
I guess that is why she is with Jason Trawick, who is no fashion conessuir himself.  They are a match made in heaven, aww! And I suppose there are bigger threats out there trying to compete with Britney’s travesty of a wardrobe.

The greatest news in all this is that Preston, 4, and Jayden, 3, were later given McDonald’s Happy Meals
after the ceremony. Congrats boys!