Britney Spears’ Twitter Hacker Arrested, Brit’s Tweeple Relieved

Notorious hacker Francois Cousteix has been arrested on charges of hacking into Britney Spears’ Twitter account. The Frenchman also faces allegations of illegally accessing online web pages of President Barack Obama and British singer Lily Allen.

“I am not a hacker. I am a kind pirate. I did not act with a destructive aim… I wanted to warn them, to show up the faults in the system,” said Cousteix. Unless you wear an eyepatch, you’re not a pirate Francois.

Britney Spears didn’t seem like she had hacker woes on her mind yesterday when she and boyfriend/manager Jason Trawick were spotted heading to a hotel in Santa Monica. Thankfully Britney has lost the bright red lipstick, but what’ up with the classes?