Britney Spears Turns Herself In for Hit and Run

October 16th, 2007 // 16 Comments

Last night, the pop star with more problems than hit albums, Britney Spears, turned herself into police for charges relating to a hit and run incident. At the time of the August 6th accident, Spears was driving without a valid license and was filmed by paparazzi in a parking lot hitting a car, as she attempted to park. A police report was filed by the owner of the damaged vehicle three days later and at about 9:00 PM last night, Britney turned herself into authorities at a Los Angeles police station. According to Officer Mike Lopez, Spears maintained a low profile while being photographed and fingerprinted.

“She was fine, cooperative,” Lopez said. “She did her business and came out.”

According to Britney, the police “were nice,” as she arrived to the station wearing her distinctive accessory of the moment, dark sunglasses. However, Britney explained that her choice of eye-wear stems from a pink eye infection she’s fighting at the moment. Damn, she seriously has all kinds of problems at the moment? Pink-eye? I kind of feel bad for her. I do hope there’s not some tragic health reason for why she seems to refuse to wear undergarments, because…*shudder*…I can only imagine the possibilities.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. I don’t like way US POP Star treated! We love Britney in Japan. US MEDIA pressure make her crazy? Already POLL about “Britney Guilty Or Not” Online. (I put link in my name?) I say NOT guilty – US MEDIA guilty!

  2. gerard Vandenberg

    Why the hell don’t you get it? Maybe some people just daren’t to say it. Well, I DO!! This look of yours is as fake as hell and sucks totally. Goddamnit, you want to get back in spotlights or do you prefer a streetjob as a heroin-WHORE, you name it. Wake Up, the era of HONESTY has arrived!! People want look the persons they’re dealing with, straight in the eyes. No fucking sunglasses and not a faking wig. The simply want to look the person, who they’re dealing with, straight in those fucking eyes. That eye-looking theme is so personally, most people don’t know it. People can show sadness, being angry, being happy, enthousiastic, just by giving your “fans” a close look. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT!!

  3. peachpie

    if she has pink eye, personally i’d rather look at the sunglasses than some oozing, crusty, bloodshot eye socket.

  4. Jen

    Didn’t Kevin wore an eye patch to court over something similar?

  5. Jenn

    Old story…she basically bumped
    a car in a parking lot. Who hasn’t
    done that and walked away if there was
    no damage? She just has a billion
    people video taping her. That’s the only
    difference. I’m with YURI.

  6. nastybugger

    well, yuri, perhaps the media pressure WOULDN’T make her crazy if she stopped calling the paps whenever she went out.

  7. Jenn

    You act like you know for a fact
    that Britney calls the papz nastybugger.
    You don’t. She doesn’t have to call
    them. They love her because she
    makes money for them. IMO Yuri is

  8. Tex

    Your right, she doesn’t have to call anyone they are looking for that one picture that will make them the money. She will never be left alone she is a pop star and a good one she just got caught up with the wrong guy. The only reason he doesn’t look bad is because he is a nobody and he always will be…as for the lady w/ the hit and run give me a break she could of just settled with the ins. it wasn’t like nobody saw it. She just wants the pub. Brit can give her!!!

  9. nastybugger

    guess you guys didn’t watch the tape of the confrontation between Jamie Lynn and the paps that one day. one of them says something to the effect of “thanks for calling us, britney”…

    this is not to mention that paps have admitted that she calls them to let them know where she’s going to be.

    but, whatever…keep your blinders on…

  10. crazypants

    seriously? no mention of the pink wig? alllllrighty… pink wig because she has pink eye?

  11. flatbellydance

    This is the age old problem with Brit: she is a media whore who isn’t doing anything worthwhile. She’s not touring or promoting her album, so she has to get her face out there somehow. Part of this is just the nature of showbiz. She has an album coming out; she’s not on the Today show. Simple equation.

    It has been pointed out by several Hollywood insiders that she DOES call the paps to clue them in to where she’s going, so we know that one is true. Nastybugger’s right on that one, sorry. There was a very respected columnist on Larry King Live just recently who said that she will – and I’ve mentioned this before in comments – drive around the block twice, three time, at Starbuck, Rite Aid – whatever – to make sure there’s a huge fuss for when she gets out of the car. She courts the paps.

    Sorry if you don’t like it, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

  12. flatbellydance

    Ooo, and I forgot to comment on the wig.

    That is seriously one stupid wig. It looked cute on ScarJo in “Lost in Translation”. On Brit? She just looks like a cranked out club kid.

    Poor thing. She should’ve listened to the lady who wouldn’t shave her head that day in the salon. That chick knew what would eventually happen. Bad weaves, stupid wigs…

  13. LULU

    I hope she doesnt have anymore children at all….

  14. ifyousayso

    to add to what nastybugger said, the paps at said confrontation brought her and jamie lynn COFFEE! how did they know she’d be there before it got cold…how did they even know she’s be there for them to bring her coffee in the first place? hmmm…i wonder?

  15. Xicana

    Tex-Hmm, in CA you’re SUPPOSED to call the police when there is an accident. And you especially call the police when there is a hit and run since hit and runs are CRIMES. I know you aren’t saying that simply because she is who she is the woman should have NOT reported the crime…

  16. Jennifer

    Britney Spears has no dignity she doesn’t care about her family shes self centered and needs to get help first she lost her husband and then she lost the priveledge of even seeing her little children i mean have you seen her with her children once i mean it always Kevin with the children Britney needs to get a grip on herself and get herself back together and fix a few holes in her life I mean she doesn’t have to Rule or Drool the best thing when she shines is when she is looking after her kids like Gwen Stefani is she takes her kids everywhre she goes and I think the Gwen is a mother and sets good examples for her children on the other hand Britney is setting a horrible example for her children. Just hope that her children won’t turn into druggies and sluts like her.

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