Britney Spears’ Tummy Tuck

Rumor has it, Britney Spears scheduled some cosmetic surgery to help get her body back in shape after the birth of her second young ‘un. From All Headline News:

It has been reported that the pop princess had a tummy tuck after giving birth to her second child, Sutton Pierce, last week. A tummy tuck involves reshaping and firming the abdomen. In the surgical process, excess skin and fat is removed from the lower and middle abdomen in order to tighten the abdominal wall. According to NW magazine, the pop princess was dying to have her old, fab body back and requested the delicate, cosmetic surgery be scheduled after giving birth because taking some time off to work with a personal trainer and exercise would just take too long – and not to mention be more painful.

…when what she NEEDS to be doing is having that deadbeat loser of a husband surgically removed from her life. Talk about removing excess skin and fat.

Written by Lisa Timmons