Britney Spears Topless ‘Gimme More’ Pictures

Here’s a blast from the pop star’s recent past. Back when Britney Spears was filming her music video for “Gimme More” from her Blackout album, she posed for these topless photos.

Sporting the same dark hair she had during the music video, Britney wore some fake tattoos directly over her nipples and a great big smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Britney can’t seem to get enough of London, while she’s in town for her Circus tour. A spy revealed that the singer has been accompanied by her ex-husband Kevin Federline during her visit. “She loves London and has been getting out with her boys to Hyde Park and the London Eye.”

Well, look at that. I think her “London eye” is winking at us.

Gallery Info: Britney Spears topless while shooting her “Gimme More” music video.