Britney Spears To Travel To Namibia

She (Britney Spears) justified her choice for Namibia stating: “Kevin has always been a fan of African-American culture, I’m sure he’ll feel at home there, rapping with all the natives. Besides, there’s lots of quiet unpaved roads where Sean Preston and I can go driving.”

She continued her interview, to be aired on Thursday on the “Today show” and on Friday on “Dateline” by drawing lines between Namibia and California “because it’s on the ocean and there’s lots of sand. So if Sean Preston fell off his swing and landed on his head, there’s less chance he would be hurt and we’d have those snoops from child welfare up our butts all the time.”

Finally she admitted to choosing Namibia because of the strict laws against paparazzi – “I heard that Namibia has laws that let celebrities say whether or not journalists are allowed in the country. That’s so important, even more important than getting the same villa that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had.”

Tongue in cheek, people.

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