Britney Spears to Copy Katie Holmes’ Look

June 29th, 2007 // 14 Comments

So isn’t she really copying Victoria Beckham’s look? I mean, give credit where credit is due. Regardless, Britney wants to reinvent her look, and she’s looking to Katie Holmes’ recent fashion choices to help her figure that out.

Pop star Britney Spears wants to reinvent her look – and hopes to take inspiration from the clothing choices of actress Katie Holmes. The (I Got That) Boom Boom singer admits she is a great admirer of the Batman Begins star’s fashion choices and plans to revamp herself as a similar “classy” lady.

She says, “I like clothes. But I like to be comfortable too. Katie always looks so cute in her Armani and Manolo Blahnik stuff. I’m gonna go for that vibe and all the trimmings.”

The “and all the trimmings” part of Britney’s statement is what worries me.


By Kimberly London

  1. green cardigan

    A word of advice Britney, start the ‘classy lady’ look with learning how to (a) comb your hair, (b) wash your face and (c) put on your underwear. The foundtion work is very important

  2. Elle

    So by “copy Katie’s look” she’s really wants to “copy the look Katie is copying from Victoria Beckham”? Also, look at Katie’s hands in picture 3. No 26-year-old should have hands like that. They’re like Madonna hands.

  3. Mikey Boy

    Buwahahahaha! “and all the trimmings”

  4. shell

    Katie Holmes has been dressing like a 50-year-old woman for most of the past year. Britney dresses like a hooker. Somehow I don’t see this planned transformation happening.

  5. Ericca

    Britney needs to “invent” herself as a lady and not copy another’s look. She will need to work hard to class herself up though. She is dwelling on the bottom these days.

  6. Another pearl of wisdom from Shitney. Will her madness never stop? The girl is going downhill faster than a porn star with STD.

  7. green cardigan

    Or a tractor without brakes

  8. michelle

    God, please no. Britney is built like a linebacker, no way will she look like that in Katie-ish clothes. Plus, Katie is starting to resemble my Grandma, albeit a skinnier one, and I think Britney’s look will never include granny attire, even when she is a granny.

  9. Nicole

    Brit Brit will be the first person to make cutoffs out of Armani pants and pair it with a vintage Whitesnake Tshirt.

    Just saying.
    xoxo Nicole

  10. Cookie

    Katie Holmes dressed as if she was working in an office building… I have no congratulations for that look.

  11. I can't stand katie

    Katie is more pathetic than Britney, she copies victoria’s every move and that is really sickening. She needs a psychiatrist and fast, because she totally looks menthally ill. Also, she sacrifices her sanity to be fashionable and a perfect wife. This gigantic woman needs to develop a mind of her own,because if she doesn’t she’ll end up worse than Britney.

  12. Ruby

    What a crazy ass bitch is katie, she is not original enouth to choose a style of her own, she has to copy Victoria’s. I wonder how victoria truly feels about this, because if I was her I wouldn’t like it. Maybe Vicoria feels sorry and i afraid to lose the only American friend she has. Anyway Mrs.Beckham has more class more pose and grace than Katie.

  13. Kate

    What a joke. I’m no fan of Katie Holmes, who now looks like she’s 45, but who the hell would ever buy Britney Spears dressing like that? It would be the most obvious “Look at what my stylist did!” ploy in history. At this point, Britney has gone way too long looking like trash. Of course all her stupid fans will buy it.

  14. Steffani

    Katie doesn’t have an original thought in her head. How can anyone copy her, but there are certainly worse styles Brittney could try. Oh wait she has already done all those. Katie has even stolen Victoria’s walk. Look at pic #4, if you didn’t know it was Katie you would swear it was Victoria. I know imitation is the best form of flattery but Katie please. Try to throw some of yourself in there. But be careful appaernetly Tom doesn’t like his women to do much thinking.

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