Britney Spears to Copy Katie Holmes’ Look

So isn’t she really copying Victoria Beckham’s look? I mean, give credit where credit is due. Regardless, Britney wants to reinvent her look, and she’s looking to Katie Holmes’ recent fashion choices to help her figure that out.

Pop star Britney Spears wants to reinvent her look – and hopes to take inspiration from the clothing choices of actress Katie Holmes. The (I Got That) Boom Boom singer admits she is a great admirer of the Batman Begins star’s fashion choices and plans to revamp herself as a similar “classy” lady.

She says, “I like clothes. But I like to be comfortable too. Katie always looks so cute in her Armani and Manolo Blahnik stuff. I’m gonna go for that vibe and all the trimmings.”

The “and all the trimmings” part of Britney’s statement is what worries me.