Britney Spears Talks About Herself and Heath Ledger

“He’s still here. Oh, yes. No one ever really dies. No one.”

From the driver’s seat of her car while her assistant, Carla, was shopping at an L.A. Rite Aid — also admitted she’s not well.

“I’m already very sick — but in a good way,” she said after she was asked by photographers if she needed a sweater to keep bare shoulders warm in the rain.

When quizzed on the whereabouts of her paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib, she replied, “Who’s that?”

Spears also engaged photographers in conversation.

“What are you fellas doing tonight?” she asked.

After one shutterbug replied, “All we want to make sure is that you’re tucked in tonight,” she flirtatiously responded, “That’s not a good thing to say to a girl at all!”

After her assistant came out Rite Aid with bag, Spears popped her trunk and accidentally bumped her elbow.

“That hurt really bad,” she yelped. “I wanna cry!

Can I get a vote for off her rocker?