Britney Spears Still Isn’t Allowed To Be In Charge

Seriously, it’s been over 2 years since Britney Spears had a conservatorship placed over her and her estate. And according to today’s meeting with a judge, both her personal and her financial conservatorship will remain in place, still overseen by her father, Jamie.

She’s had these in place since her January 2008 meltdown and I can’t imagine what she must feel like to be totally not in charge of your life. Granted, I think she did need help but how long before she’s able to take care of herself again? She’s 28 years old. After the hearing Britney took her kids to the My Gym Children’s Fitness Center.

Michael Lohan has recently said he wants a similar scenario setup for his daughter, but God knows who in her family is trustworthy enough to act in the best interest of Lindsay.