Britney Spears Sending Text Messages To Adnan Ghalib

Since thrust into the legal clutches of big poppa Jamie Spears, Britney’s vida loca died a sudden blow to the head. Alas, she’s pining for those late night Rite-Aid stops with her curiously facial-haired ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and has been sending him “miss you…..I’m looooneeellyy” texts.

Or so says The Sun, adding “she feels trapped” and has begged Adnan to come out of the woodwork, violate the retraining order, and hatch some sort of Bonnie and Clyde-esque scheme to help her “escape.”

Unfortunately, Adnan’s got a little deportation problem he’s trying to avoid and while Brit Brit’s pink wig memories are like the corners of his mind, he isn’t responding to her texts.

Rather he’s been sending her messages via her hairdresser and style team but not responding directly. Do we smell a heist?

No worries, Brit. We hear Fred Durst is still interested….

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