Britney Spears Rocking The Star Of David


Because the woman appears to be about as suggestible as a drunk adolescent, I’m not at all surprised to read that now that she’s “dating” her current boy-toy, Isaac Cohen, Britney Spears has now started sporting a Star of David necklace. Raised Southern Baptist, Spears used to wear Christian crosses, until Madonna introduced her to Kabbalah in 2003, which she sort of followed for about three years. At that time, she claimed, “my baby is my religion,” but I guess she grew tired of wearing her child around her neck and has now decided to dabble in Judaism.

Because religion is an accessory, in case you didn’t know. Personally, I think she should think about switching out her weave a little more often than she does her “spiritual beliefs,” cause that shit tends to look raggedy right quick.


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