Britney Spears Performing at the VMAs

September 6th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Shhh, everybody. Britney’s got a secret. Actually, it’s not a secret so much anymore because a press release was just given by MTV that the pop tartlet will be the opening act at the Video Music Awards taking place this weekend in Vegas. Executive producer of the show, Jesse Ignatovic, told that he believes Britney’s performance is the perfect choice to kick off the show with a bang.

“I wanted to start the show in a very big and dramatic way, and she’s the one to do that.”

Spears has reportedly been working closely with illusionist, Criss Angel, on certain elements of her performance and MTV is definitely hyping it up as a turn worthy of being called a comeback. Well, if her relatively sane outfit and weave that she’s wearing in these pictures are any indication, then perhaps the Britster is back on track to repair the damage done to her career over these past couple of years.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. stolidog

    and maybe not.

    maybe she’ll pull sean preston out of a hat and saw jayden james in half.

  2. Simon

    I’ve been trying to find on Bodog or some site like that the odds of her actually doing the show.

    No one has the line yet.

    My money is on a no-show, based on some fake excuse about the health of one of her kids.

    That, or she ran out cheetos.

    I wonder how Chester Cheeto feels about being so closely linked with the pop-tart?

    Are the people at Frito-lay giddy over all the free press they get?

  3. Ben Affleck

    I wanna eat her pussy one more time!

  4. Hey Cupcake

    Oh sweet Moses, WHAT is with that HAIR??

  5. green cardigan

    Is that the little book they read in AA, that she is carrying with her out of the jacks?

  6. T-Bone

    Well Brit! I, for one, am one your side and hoping you rock!

  7. hmweis1

    Relatively sane outfit? She’s wearing a see through shirt with a blue bra. OK, relatively sane for her.

  8. Helena_Handbasket

    Why is she exiting a bathroom and covering her nose? The only performance this girl will ever succeed at is the booger-sugar-boogie. What a disaster.

  9. JaneSays

    What’s she hiding; another bloody nose?

  10. Miss Brown Eyes

    don’t chay all know… white powder under the nose and cheetos dust don’t look good together… she had to cover that sh*t up

  11. omg.. i cant believe how bad Britney did.. she looked like she had to many.. she lip synced what she could remember of her own song, she grabbed a guys crotch, couldnt remember moves, and totally bombed!!! She just had to wear underwear of coarse.. he body looked nice though.. woo hoo…. and what happened with her working with an illusionist? the only illusion was that she could have been singing, and she gave the ILLUSION that she was lip syncing.. yay

  12. Deb

    I agree it wasn’t her best show ever, but people are being waaaay to mean about it, she looked fantastic if you ask me and I think she will get better. I was reading about brit today and found out her home is for sale, it was hard to find but check out this website it has her place listed and shows all the info about the house. The thing is freaking giant!

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