Britney Spears Nearly Gets Mauled after Shopping

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As if driving in Los Angeles isn’t annoying enough as it is, taking a look at this video of Britney Spears and her new assistant attempting to make their way through a throng of paparazzi on the way to Brit’s car in the parking lot reminds me of why I’d never want to be famous. Rich and powerful, yes. But famous, no thanks. Spears had been shopping earlier in the Lisa Kline clothing boutique in Beverly Hills and found herself smack dab in the middle of a gang of photographers going bonkers, trying to get a shot of the pop star, as she made her way through the craziness carrying her new Yorkie and wearing some very dainty-looking kitten heels. The one day she decides not to clomp around in her signature cowboy boots, she has to make her way through some sand and video-cameras. At one point, her bodyguard’s shirt gets ripped and he yells for the paps to get back so that Britney can finally make her way to her Benz. And I have to say, it’s kind of hot. I’m going to start making my boyfriend do that for me when we’re shopping in Target. Sometimes people just try to get all up in my grill.

More photos of Britney Spears during her encounter with the paparazzi after the jump.

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