Britney Spears Lip Sync Scandal In Australia

November 6th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Australian fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the pre-recorded aspects of Britney Spears‘ recent concert in Perth, which kicked off the Australian leg of her Circus tour. I would like to take this moment to express my satisfaction with her outfit here. It looks sleek, sophisticated and a hell of a lot more supportive.

Local politician, Virginia Judge, told a newspaper that concertgoers deserved more than a “Mickey Mouse performance.” The offical adds, “Let’s be clear–live means live. If you are spending up to 200 dollars [$182 U.S.] I think you deserve better than a film clip.”

High ticket prices for pop stars are prompting U.S. government officials to consider whether or not tickets will be required to indicate whether or not a performer will be lip-syncing during the concert.

Gallery Info: Britney Spears leaves the Perth Hyatt Hotel for her first concert on her Australian tour.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Nicky

    The funny thing is I’m pretty sure when she was on the Mickey Mouse show she didn’t lip-sync.

  2. Bobbye

    I would probably EXPECT some lip syncing when any singer puts on a show with as much physical activity as Britney Spears and would not be offended by it. t’s stiil her voice, song, music etc. It’s the show she puts on that draws the fans, not the song itself. If she was just sitting on a stool I would expect her live voice. I would think the show would contan her actual voice singing along with a show that may require lip syncing due to the dancing..etc. people need to RELAX!!!!

  3. Bryson

    I went to the concert – it was fun, zero live singing = disappointement…

    What if she really died in January 2009?

  4. Shannon

    I agree with Bobbye but when people pay lots of money for a LIVE show, that’s what they expect. If I wanted to hear pre-recorded music, I’d pay my ten bucks and just pop in the CD!

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