Britney Spears Is One Hot Mess. Who’s Even Surprised Anymore?

I try time and time again to justify why Britney Spears looks like a crazy every time she’s seen in public. She’s a mother, she’s busy recording, blah blah blah. But seriously girl, it is time. 
Time to get it TOGETHER! This is what happens when you have millions of dollars to spend, and don’t invest any of it in a stylist, a trainer or some soap and water. 
I mean…can we talk about how Brit was spotted on Saturday with bf Jason Trawick at a Miami recording studio looking all kinds of rough with missing fake nails, crazy hair and I’m sorry….is that a scrunchie?
Oh hello, 1992. Thank you for joining us.
Of course when you show your face in public looking like this on a consistent enough basis, people are going to talk. So, rumors are circulating that Britney is battling through depression, but she claims, “I’m learning to take better care of myself and not get stressed or down about things for nothing.”
Maybe she should learn to start taking her own advice and invest in a bra and some pants to start with. Until then, here’s my two cents for her inner circle:
Dear Pop Princess tag-alongs,
It is time for a serious intervention. What the heck is she paying you people for anyway?
The entire planet