Britney Spears Is Making My Job Ridiculously Easy

January 5th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Now that she’s had a few practice runs by exposing her bare ladyparts to the world, it seems Britney would like to branch out and expose her entire being for future generations to enjoy. From Egotastic:

According to Britain’s More Magazine, Britney is so enamoured with herself, that she’s commissioning a nude portrait of herself to be painted. Yes, that’s right, a Britney Spears nude painting.

Yes, this would have been a great idea. Five years ago.

Britney Spears Nude Painting Commissioned [Egotastic!]


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Britney is really pathetic. I wonder if she could restore her image and become marketable again.

  2. sandy

    I don’t think she’s gonna make a comeback. I think Americans are tired of her bs. Maybe she could cut it in Holland or somewhere else where people have no morals and make REALLY stupid decisions. There are plenty of young, talented women to take her place. Most of them, however, don’t flash their ladybits like she does.

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