Britney Spears Is Feeling The Pressure

June 12th, 2006 // 53 Comments

Britney Spears lets it all out. In an interview with Matt Lauer to be aired on Dateline NBC this Thursday evening, Britney touches on he state of her marriage, motherhood, the tabloids criticism about her skills as a mom, and why the paparazzi have gone too far. She’s feeling like she’s the press’ celebrity to pick on right now, and she does break down in tears during the interview. It’s actually kind of sad.

Despite the tabloids reports of trouble on the home front, Spears shares with Lauer that her marriage with Kevin Federline is “awesome,” and that the reports of Kevin living in the basement are false. She talks about why she loves him, and reveals to Lauer, “He helps me. He has to. I’m (an) emotional wreck right now.” When asked if she feels people are rooting against her marriage, Spears says she doesn’t know, “If they are that’s sad. I think everybody should be ‘pro love.’ ”

Spears also shares with Lauer that motherhood is amazing, and opens up about the incident on Pacific Coast Highway where she was photographed with her son, Sean, on her lap in the car. She discusses the events that led to the situation and ultimately says, “I can’t go anywhere without someone judging me…I did it with my dad. I’d sit on his lap and I drive. We’re country.” When asked if she was upset by the headlines that ensued questioning her parental judgment, Spears defends herself, saying, “I know I’m a good mom.”

Britney Spears: I know I’m a good mom [MSNBC]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I'm so Disgusted

    ReTina I will respond to your post, even if you aren’t here to read it.

    Did you watch any of Spears’ show on TV? Thank you. We know all we need to know about this tart just from that. I’m not even talking about her mothering skills. I think she loves her baby.

    I’m talking about Britney as a person. Her “cover” was good for years, but now we see how she really is, and it ain’t pretty. Her conduct is pathetic. She was on that show raving about her sex life with her husband. What an idiot! She’s a complete numbskull. Please stop making excuses for her.

    Britney Spears is getting her just desserts.

  2. Wendy Usher

    Jeez. She’s a moron. A trailer trash, ignorant, retarded moron. Her kids are in danger, unless she gets off of her high horse and acts like a mature, responsible parent and gets some help.
    yes, all parents make mistakes, but after the first few, the smart ones get help.
    I so hope her career is over; I’m sick of seeing her fat, slutty, untalented face.

  3. Ok. we all need to stop this right now. I mean. how would you feel if your every movement was pounded on by obscene and reckless paparazzi stating false aligations about you? Or your home and family life. Thats none of their business…thats no ones business. Sure she isn’t the best mother in the world. And to all the mothers out there I’m sure you’ve made a wrong move in the development of your child. Am I right? people need to have a heart. Put yourself in their shoes and you’ll see, You don’t know pressure.

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