Britney Spears Hits Starbucks, KFed May Be Asking For No Whip

Why oh why can’t Britney Spears have the sense to hire a stylist? I mean, come on! She’s not even trying here. Rachel Zoe has to have room for one more client. Despite the fact that she says she’s so busy, if she cut out the personal drama self-questioning, she’d have another six hours added onto her day. Plenty of time to dress the Britster.

Her ex-husband Kevin Federline typically fair any better with his t-shirt tents that he wears. He may not be wearing the tents forever. I’m amazed that I’m saying this, but the dumb fuck may not be as dumb as we have all thought he was. He apparently got fat for a TV deal.

Kevin is joining the cast of Celebrity Fit Club, a rep for VH1 confirmed to People.

Also appearing on the seventh season of the show will be Federline’s ex-girlfriend (and the mother of two of his kids) Shar Jackson, according to a source.

Their children must be so proud.

Gallery Info: Britney Spears and a friend out getting a Starbucks coffee in Beverly Hills, CA.