Britney Spears’ Granny Outfit Won’t Fool Anyone

March 30th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Britney Spears ventured out last night to a bar, the Bridge in West Hollywood, most likely to celebrate the finalization of her divorce proceedings. I’m thinking that Britney’s outfit selection (what’s up with the bejeweled newsboy cap?) was a bid to try and make her seem more responsible and conservative. It turned out not to be much of a celebration since Britney only stayed at the bar for 30 minutes.


By Jessica Marx

  1. newfgirl

    Looks like one of those Scottish stag night thingies that guys wear when they’re on the pish, sans the red hair. And there’s no wondering as to what she wears under her kilt.

  2. Kennedy

    Is it just me or did Britney use to have dark eyes because here they look like a really bright blue! Color contacts maybe?

  3. jbonz

    Honest to God. Britney needs to just get OUT of the limelight and get her shit together. Every time she appears at a nightclub or celebrity hotspot for a photo op during this, her “rehabilitation period”, she gives the impression of a person recovering from major surgery hobbling down a hospital corridor, feebly pulling an IV rack alongside.
    Get well Brit, and then “reemerge triumphant”.

  4. me

    It’s really a restaurant, not really a bar. But she looks nice despite the ugly hat. Yes, I think she’s wearing contacts.

  5. Brunette

    i think she looks great! she looks a LOT better and is smiling. Show some support Lisa! Or else, they might decide to take Britney away forever, and then youll never be able to post her up on here!!! Oh the tragedy

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