Britney Spears Goes House Hunting

November 22nd, 2006 // 3 Comments

For those of you who said your prayers, and did your rosaries dutifully that Britney Spears would come to her senses, drop K-Fed and start working on her comeback, it’s starting to look like your pleas to the Almighty have been heard. Britney’s looking to purchase a new home, and also has a gig lined up at the Palms in Vegas right around the corner. From

The “Oops, I Did It Again” crooner is shopping for houses in the Miami area costing up to $29 million, according to Star. And it looks like she’s expecting a big payday to help foot that bill. Spears is rumored to be mulling a big Las Vegas gig, and the Star is also reporting that she’s negotiated a 20-week, $15 million exclusive performance contract with the Palms Hotel and Casino.

It’s good to see her working again–it’s probably easier without the distracting responsibility of a man-baby to raise.

More photos of Britney Spears from the American Music Awards after the jump.

Britney’s house budget: $29 million [The Scoop,]

Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    She needs a new stylist. Horrible dress and the hair is even worse!

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    The Florida child protective services are far more lax about dropping your baby on it’s head repeatedly, and about driving with it hanging out the window rather than being secured in a seat too.

    It will make it that much harder for the baby daddy to make a pest of himself, what with having to take the greyhound out to visit da kids, yo.

  3. daytimedrama

    I know for a fact that she is looking at houses in her same neighborhood in Malibu.

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