Britney Spears Gives Her Mother a Legal Warning

June 29th, 2007 // 8 Comments


TMZ reports that Britney Spears delivered a letter to her mother yesterday, drafted by her lawyer, and which warned Lynne Spears to maintain a distance from Britney’s children while she’s under the influence of certain medications. Adding to her credibility, Brit-Brit decided to personally bring her mother the letter to the set of the TV show starring Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn, while she was sporting an outfit in which her pockets are visibly longer than her shorts. And it doesn’t even look comfortable, as you can see from this video, in which Britney is yanking at her shorts, clearly in battle against her hungry…well, yes, I’ll say it…her hungry poonanny. According to TMZ:

Sources say Britney feels that her mom turned on her in the days before she entered Promises rehab. She also feels Lynne Spears is not stable enough to be around Brit’s kids because she may have her own “issues.” We’re told the letter bluntly asks Lynne to stay away from the children if she is taking any medications that would impair her ability to be around them.

Why, oh why does Britney insist on consistently looking like the punchline to every Jeff Foxworthy joke ever written? I’m so losing patience with her. Her mother may be a show-mom, but at least she’s not Dina Lohan, who probably would have banged Kevin Federline at some point during her stint as his mother-in-law. I can just see her asking him after, “Does this make me a MILILTF?”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. CarrieFever

    you have to be really fucked in the head if a crazy person thinks your a hazard to their kids

  2. Mr. T

    I predict Shitney’s next boyfriend/husband/soulmate/lover/std partner will have a MULLET haircut!

  3. DarthPaul

    I lost patience w/this trashcan long ago. Someone needs to do her like they did Selena.

  4. Lollie

    Brit: Bitter, party of one?

  5. shell

    Oh God, those shorts are killing me. I just can’t take seeing this human fireplug assaulting our eyes with her horrific fashion/grooming choices anymore! It must stop!

  6. judy

    Who can believe anything this fucktard thinks or has to say. Her mom is probably the only one she could count on to be sincere with her kids. She doesn’t deserve her kids.
    I think she deserves a big bitch slap to the head.
    Ungrateful spoiled crazy brat.

  7. JaneSays

    Leave it to Britney to manage to be both ghetto and trailer-trashy all in one nasty looking body. How classless to INVITE the paps along while you semi-”serve” your mom papers denying her visits with her grandkids??? That’s not something the public should even be aware is going on. She’s got so much growing to do and not just in the thigh/ass area like she’s been growing.

  8. holls

    Are you SURE that isn’t the trailer they live in?

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